there also might be video evidence

My Take on Wiretapping, Trump, and Comey

FBI Director Comey says there is no evidence of President Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign. 

So why did President Trump say it happened? I give you my opinion in this video. (My face is black & white intentionally. Sort of.)

You might enjoy reading my book because of all the reasons.

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Elsa drinks a lot of coffee in the mornings.  A lot of coffee.  Anna might have a mug (or two if she’s really sleep-deprived) but Elsa’s intake is measured in pots.  It has to be super unhealthy.  Anna has warned, repeatedly, that she’s going to drop of a heart attack at thirty-four at this rate.

But, well, she’s also seen how Elsa is without her pot (or two, or three) of the stuff.  She swears Elsa once spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to open the bathroom door (Elsa has no memory of this, but Anna saw the whole thing–and vowed to get video evidence next time).  The idea of Elsa operating a car in that state is terrifying.  A heart attack at thirty-four is better than a car accident today, so Anna accepts that Elsa’s caffeine addiction isn’t going away.

So when she goes to take a pottery class at the community center, she comes back with a giant (if not-quite-uniform) mug.  Elsa gives a sarcastic “gee, thanks” when she sees that it has “World’s #1 Dork” written on the side, but it turns to genuine happiness when she learns just how much coffee it can hold.

Elsa stops bothering with the pot after that.  She’s brews straight into her mug and downs the stuff like water.  And then she’ll fix Anna with a flat stare, accuse her of being an enabler, and go make more.