there also might be video evidence

Public Shame

As I mentioned, I recently read Jon Ronson’s book “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” and thought it made some very compelling points on the renaissance of public shaming in the age of social media.  I was going to post my highlights, but then I realized I’d highlighted about 30% of the book, so instead:

I wrote down what I thought were some of the key, take-home points the book made, and pulled quotes from the book in no particular order for each of them.  It’s  still a wall of text, but feel free to wade in if you’re interested.

Again, I strongly recommend giving this book a read.

  • Public shaming is often motivated by a belief that one is Doing Good
  • Public shaming is about social conformity
  • Public shaming can make us LESS aware of viewpoints different that our own 
  • Shame works because we are all afraid
  • Shaming others can bring out our own brutality
  • Shame leads to dehumanization and “death of the soul”
  • Shame leads to violence
  • Technology has strange warping effects on how public shaming affects us (and social media shaming can have longer impacts than we expect)
  • There is evidence that “De-shaming” may have more positive outcomes than shaming

quotes from the book supporting each point under the cut. (bolding mine, quotes by paragraph and in no particular order)

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How can I tell if I’m awake or dreaming?

I did a post earlier about waking up extremely dissociated from a nightmare and being unable to tell if I was awake or not, it got a lot of notes so I figure I make a small list of things that help me tell if I’m awake or not. 

So a little context - at one point I had tried lucid dreaming (big mistake) because I would wake up from one dream, and be in another dream. Full blown inception mode, waking up several times into a different dream and being unable to tell what was real. Eventually it went away on it’s own, but it didn’t make it any less scary. 

  • Look at your hands and feet. When I used to lucid dream, I would do reality checks. These reality checks can be applied even if you aren’t lucid dreaming - things like your fingers (the number of your fingers), your palms (the details of your palm prints / finger prints), your nails (size of your nails, condition), they don’t translate over when you’re in a dream. It’s why another reality check is looking at a clock, because the hands of the clock and the ticking are another set of details that won’t add up in a dream. You might not be able to see your hands in a dream, or the time on the clock won’t be visible. 
  • Temperature. Just like breaking yourself out of a dissociative episode, feeling a change in temperature can indicate whether or not you’re awake or not.  Make yourself a cup of hot water, or a cup of hot coffee - now set it on the counter and go watch a video, let yourself get absorbed in that video. All done? Now go back to the drink. If the video you watched was all of 4mins long, but your coffee/water is ice cold, it could indicate you’re dreaming. Things like temperature change during dreams in an illogical manner, or sometimes aren’t evident at all in the world. 
  • Taste test. Carbonated drinks, vinegar, mint, things with a strong taste can help your body wake up in a sense - you might be feeling numb so a blast of flavor might be able to get your gears rolling and help you realize you’re awake. Activating your five senses is also a good idea - smell those old socks, feel the pages of that book, trace the outlines of grass in the yard with your finger. 
  • Story Focus. In dreams the focus of the story tends to move and shift around a lot, you know, you’re in the store one second but the next thing you know you’re at school failing a math test. If you’ve got your phone or a watch on you, it’s time to set a fifteen minute alarm. In fifteen minutes if your viewpoint, the things happening around you, haven’t had an unexplained shift in environment/story, you’re awake. The alarm will go off, and you can keep resetting that alarm. 
  • Social Media. Go watch the news, like I said before, fine details have a hard time translating in dreams, and sometimes seeing current day events where the date / time / weather is repeated by the spokesperson can help reaffirm that you’re awake. 

In all, just remember to remain calm - in a dream, you are safe. In the event that you aren’t safe in your dream, that’s okay! Because it means you’ll wake up. If you’re awake and you can’t tell if you’re awake, you’re still safe. Because you wouldn’t do anything to put yourself in harms way. Asking yourself is this logical can also be reassuring - logical things don’t always happen in a dream, and it’s up to you to be able to notice them. These things can take practice, but rest assured it’s better to be doing something then not doing anything at all :) 

-Insert some clever title-

I disagree that all 3 entities are conscious in Dark. The way I see it is like a car. Damien is the driver, Celine is the engine (powers everything), and we the viewers, are the car. However, all of our main personality traits have melded together, hence Dark’s unstable behavior. We know Damien’s the dominant trait because when we reach for the cane, our hands change to his.

Continuing, Y/N AKA the car is the most important object. Without the car, there wouldn’t be a driver or power. We’re the starting point in this video. Also, Y/N is a DA, why is that crucial? An attorney sifts through every detail to help his case, going to great lengths and even stretching the truth to prove it. That sounds pretty familiar… to the fan-theorists. We are intricate to Dark. He didn’t exist before us. However we are guided and led by him, and our theories couldn’t function without him. Again, like a car.

About the house/dark entity, whatever… I don’t think plays an active role in Darkiplier, rather it is the thing that corrupted all of us. As much as Damien despises Mark now, it’s not in his nature to act like Dark. Since there’s less of Celine shown in WKM, I can’t vouch for her, but she even CALMS Damien’s rage towards Mark. In chapter 3, she feels that the house itself has dark forces surrounding it. (Also the last thing she says to you before you trip begins is keep your enemies close. Is anybody talking about this??) Also, all the groundskeeper said. Something happened to all of us either in the void or once we were brought back.

WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS SCENE IN CHAPTER 4???? It starts at the 1:17 mark. This is obviously something big. Not only do we get future lines, a creepy monochrome overlay, but also different characters’ POV!!! And IT leads us to the detective’s room?!!? This is too good to be true. This occurrence wasn’t even triggered by anything like Celine’s witchcraft. You know what’s also monochrome? Dark. So I think we were led by the house to discover the detective’s room because after that, that’s where all the S hits the fan.

Back to the car. This would also explain how the colors work in the other videos. In almost every instance, we see Dark with blue, Damien’s color. Blue is associated with trust, loyalty, intelligence, and truth. I’m just rehashing what others have said, but we all think about Damien in this way. Who wouldn’t trust such a pure, innocent boi? What these color theorists leave out is blue creates a calming effect. Whenever we see Damien, we feel safe. And when people feel safe, calm, and comfortable, that is when a manipulator, like Dark, strikes.

Red represents Celine. Across the board, the appearance of red is almost as consistent as blue, BUT red’s nature is more volatile. What does red mean? A quick Google search says it means power, danger, desire, malice, the most intimidating, and is considered the most manipulative. In ADWM and AvD (Anti v Dark), there are erratic moments where red either overtakes the screen, or barely present. Specifically, in the AvD video, he has huge red backdrop, meaning that in this void, he is way more powerful or not able to control his power as well. When Anti and Dark bicker, Dark’s red is “glitched” ;) out, meaning his power is being contested. This instance doesn’t happen in any other video with Dark (I checked). As more Egos file in, he tries to exert the red again to mostly be intimidating, but it fails. When Dark Chica arrives, he’s completely monochrome, meaning he has almost no power in this situation.

Both of these colors have been addressed by the other AMAZING Theorists, BUT they forget a third, less prominent color. Green.

            Green is rarely seen in any video with Dark, and Damien and Celine weren’t green. That leaves us with one option: the viewer’s color was green. Not only are we the least functioning part of Darkiplier, our color too is the last. Green represents life. We the viewers, essentially gave life back to the trio by giving our body, and the birth of Dark with our theorizing. We might be the least prominent one, but we are still there.

            The final nail in the coffin against the popular “all 3 are conscious and fight for control” is: it doesn’t match Dark. His personality is consistent in every video, and we never see any evidence to internal arguing that someone with 3 would. Some would argue that his twitchiness (when we see 2 Darks: one screaming and one not) in the void in ADWM portrays it. I think it’s because we, the viewer, are still alive and therefore the void gets distorted. Also, it doesn’t even look like the two versions are arguing; Dark’s just freaking frustrated! If you’re not convinced with the twitches, in WKM where everyone is dead in the void, there is not a single twitch. Although, it could be argued that since they weren’t joined yet, there would be no need to glitch. For those who’d say that, I’d reply “Good eye!” But in AvD, we again don’t witness any twitches at all, and there’s no human person alive in there.

The Big picture is WKM is a “perspective” of Dark and Warf’s origin story, told from Dark’s point of view. Based on what we know about Dark’s personality by Mark, it’s easy to connect the dots that he’d make Mark look like a jerk to turn us to his side. Y’all spent an entire post describing how WKM is filmed to make us like Damien (brilliant btw!). The best lies are always half-truths. While I’m not defending Mark, he is more of a jerk (in ADWM and WKM) in this universe, I doubt that he’d want such specific revenge against the Colonel as many theorize. Also, many pointed out that Mark wasn’t stabbed 30 times, drowned, etc. it’s just impossible because there’s no blood on him. This was all embellished… by someone who would profit from it.

Now, you may be wondering how the HECK WKM even works with all the rest of the lore. Especially ADWM. Mark’s still alive in ADWM, but he died in WKM which is an origin story?? Rest assured, there’s an explanation, but here’s the twist: Mark didn’t die in the first place. Damien is the one on the floor, dressed as Mark.

            To those that immediately scoff at the idea, hear me out. Mark in this universe is an actor, which is shown in ADWM. If Mark and Damien were besties since childhood, he would know Damien’s little quirks. Even enough to throw off the Colonel! When Damien claims that Mark is walking around in his body, he’s doing so in a figurative sense. This would fix the plot-hole of where did “Mark’s” body go and why “Damien” was never found. Also, this would fix the relationship between ADWM & WKM.

Finishing off, I’d like to leave the only comment Mark has written about Dark on Tumblr:

“For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name. You made him real. And now he knows who you are. Why did you do this…”

But hey, that’s just a theory…A DARK THEORY! Thanks for reading- Car Anon.

(P.S.) Y'all are doing an amazing job with this tumblr page! 

*Wow! This is a great, very well put together theory! I’m glad we got the submit thing working, because this was worth it! As always, what are everyone’s thoughts? I have some, but I think I’ll save them for a longer reblog later. -Ironwoman*

Marauders and Social Media


-instagram addict

-seriously, he takes pictures of everything

-(specifically Lily)

-constantly taking pictures of his friends

-in the most random of positions

-always has surprisingly good photos tho

-sirius once punches him in the face for taking a picture of him before he’s brushed his hair

-sirius is another star of his instagram since hes such a camera hog

-seriously, he has over a thousand pictures of hogwarts and his friends


-Runs a youtube channel

-and he loves it

-he posts whatever hes in the mood for

-but typically its makeup tutorials or prank videos

-once posted a prank he and james pulled on Mcgonagall

-they filled her office with soap

-she found them out and used the video for evidence

-to this day he brags that she follows his channel

-(Also, Remus makes a lot of appearances)



-just tumblr! remus

-occasionallywrites random I hate the moon posts

-but mostly its just the most random shit ever

-three a.m posts about bodies basically being meat bags

-he tags everything as a stupid shitpost, but he has over ten thousand followers

-cause damn….

-his posts are funny

-non of the marauders know about it, until sirius accidentally finds it in their sixth year

-he never tells, because Remus might stop and they make him laugh


-makes stupid twitter accounts

-seriously, he has multiple random ones

-has one devoted entirely to Ms. Norris

-its really weird, mostly blurry pictures of her

-and photoshopped pictures of Filch making out with her

-(pretty much everyone in Hogwarts follows that one)

-(Filch hates it)

-also has one devoted to Dumbledores beard

-and a muffin he found under james’s bed

-for some reason none of the marauders can figure out he gets his fair share of followers on every account, tho

Lily: (because yes shes a fucking marauder, thank you)

-snapchat goddess

-seriously, she has an amazing snapchat

-gorgeous pictures of nature

-incredibly aesthetically pleasing

-after she and james hook up, she makes a lot of stories about them

-also, she starts to use the doe ears filter a lot

-(wink, wink)

-posts a lot of selfies, and after she becomes friends with sirius make up tutorials

-seriously, they are the most amazing make up artists ever

Just, come on! I refuse to believe that in modern day aus, the marauders would ignore social media. They would rock it!

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EzrA FitzgeralD being A.D. has a beautiful poetry to it. Other than Ali turning out to be A.D. I can not think of a candidate that would satisfy and shock the audience more. Full circle! As Marlene said, ‘The answers lie in 3B’ (Ezra’s apartment).
Btw, this video is not mine and there is a part two to the video with even more compelling evidence to back up this theory.
AND there is actual motive.
Some theorists also point out that Ezria will have a Red Wedding and Ezra might be killed by Wren, possibly.
All in all, if this turned out to be true, 7 years would have been entirely worth it.

The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post

UGHHHH here we go. 

The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post:

Before I begin, I would just like to state that everything that is about to be explained is my own opinion of the events that have taken place. My knowledge of things comes from my studies at university as well as my own life experiences. Anyone who reads this is welcome to disagree with me. I really have no desire to write posts like this as I feel it causes drama and drama makes me want to vomit and leave the phandom forever – so oh well fuck it – LETS GO.  (please keep an open mind while reading this)

First, I’m going to start with sexuality itself – aside from Dan and Phil. Sexuality is fluid. Meaning it can take many shapes, and can change. Does this mean that someone can change their sexuality? No. It just means that it has the possibility of change – especially during periods of adolescence into adulthood. And that is because, as we discover the world and the people in it, those life experiences not only have an effect on our emotional development, but on our sexual nature.

Adolescence, especially between the ages of 12 – 18, discover sexuality for the first time, and explore that sexuality. Do I like girls? Do I like boys? Do I like both? Do I like neither? Do I like only specific people? How often do I find that I like someone? And how? What is the pattern?

It is not uncommon for people to believe one thing true about themselves while in adolescence while another thing in later their 20’s. This is because the brain is typically fully developed by the age of 25, with the prefrontal cortex (which is responsible for reasoning and decision-making) being the last part of the brain to finish developing.

With this in mind, I proceed on to my second part – which is to bring in Dan and Phil.

Back before Dan started making youtube videos, Phil was the one man show. Back in the day, British youtube Culture was prominently gay or bisexual guys (Or at least those claiming to be such). It was the cool thing, it was the in thing – although people at that time didn’t call it shipping (as it was seen as more of an underground type thing (oh my god…those Harry Potter fan fictions…..) the idea of two men (especially effeminate ones) was highly appealing. On youtube, however, many of the british youtubers were all about the LGBTQ scene. Dan, from what we know of his life before youtube, was not. He was just a regular guy with a girlfriend who mainly watched American youtubers who played Rockband. (As evident if you were around to capture his twitter history before he deleted it. Counterphan has part of the timeline that most people seem to miss and also has it captured how many times he tweeted Phil, the context, everything. She was very through with the pre-youtube context of the situation that K took bits and pieces of to make the PhanDirectory aka: the phan bible).

It was only when Dan broke into you youtube scene and became friends with phil that the flirtiness and claims to bisexuality were made. Before Dan, there was Charlieskies. They too, were full of the cute pictures and the flirting – so much so that people thought (and still think) they were dating. To which Charlie has clarified that they never did and that phil wouldn’t do that .

Back then, when the claims to Bisexuality were made, you can see in the comments that people went along with the idea that Dan and Phil were sort of “made for each other”. Friends of theirs promoted the ship and the idea of bisexualness (mainly because that was the in thing to do – these can be seen in most of comments of the Daily booths.)

It’s possible Dan went along with this just to fit into that community and was also doing it for the attention (after all, he was rewarding people with naked Dailybooths every time he hit a follower milestone – what makes you think he wouldn’t also stoop to changing his sexuality for attention too?) This does seem to fit the claim he made in a live show that all of the answers on his formspring (which is where this claim was made) were “full of lies”. Likewise, he has also stated that he was “immature and attention seeking” when it came to Formspring.

But Ren! Why would Dan want attention that badly?? Don’t you think it’s sort of insulting towards the LGBTQ community to pretend to be something you’re not? Yes- yes I do. It’s not cool. And it’s not right. But when you’re young, and not really thinking about the long term consequences of your actions especially when there is no foresight, those thoughts might not come into effect. I don’t really think Dan had any idea that this would bite him in the ass later on. Additionally, as evident by his DML video, he had no idea that his channel would grow at the rate – or to the size that it did. He’s pretty much become the most popular British youtuber to date. How could he know this back then? The things he was telling people were getting positive attention – why would he not continue?

Even though people say that there was no shipping back then, and that Dan and Phil did not have that many subscribers, this is actually extremely false.

Because some of their friends were already shipping them, poking at it for fun, and the fans seemed to enjoy it – why not make a prank video? YISSS. That must be the answer. (I’m not even going to go into detail about the voldy video. That would make this post too long for my taste and none of you want to be sitting here for days reading it).

The spiral of lies everyone refers to – which Dan has gotten himself stuck up in several times – always seems to be the spiral to cover up phan. However, I am under the impression that the actual spiral of lies that was made comes right down to pretending to be into Phil, and being into guys. If he went back against this – I believe the backlash would be astronomically horrible, which is why it continued for a bit, until 2012 where his channel exploded with subscribers.

Everyone calls 2012 Dan’s Anti-phan phase – mainly because he was so against the idea of phan, and denied it so many times (sometimes in aggressive ways) that it really caused a slight backlash from the fans.

However, this is how I look at it:

By this point, the v-day video had made its return and was spreading throughout the phandom. Because Dan’s audience had grown exponentially by this point, many new people were hearing about it (without context) and harassing Dan about an apparent relationship with Phil. I think at first Dan tried to ignore it, or address it subtley in youtube comments, or liveshows, (as seen in my screenshots and Cori’s videos) but when that didn’t work – the customer service blog was made – which was Dan’s super aggressive way of putting down Phan since he felt people weren’t listening to him.

But Ren – he didn’t have to be so mean! Why would he be so defensive unless it was true???

(RETURN OF THE LEMON SIMILE!) <— Ok ok. Soooooo. If you’ve been following me for a while, you should know that I have a simile to describe this situation at hand. Gather around, *here have a cookie!*, sit and Ren will tell you the simile.

Imagine for moment that you dislike the taste of lemons. You don’t mind if other people like them – it’s just not for you. But image for a split second that people thought you did. At first, it might not seem to bother you. Oh, haha. That’s funny. People think I like lemons. Your friends think this is funny too. So between you and your friends it becomes a slightly inside joke. Sometimes they call you “lemonhead”, sometimes you pretend to almost put a lemon in your ice tea, sometimes you joke that lemons are your favorite fruit. It’s all in good fun. But then, one day, someone comes up to you and asks you if you like lemons. Casually, you just answer “nah.” But the people keep coming. They keep asking you. Over and over again. 3 times a week this happens till it’s almost every day you have at least 1 person coming up to you asking you if you like lemons. By this point, it’s getting frustrating. How can so many people think I might like lemons?? I should stop with the lemon jokes. So you do. But that doesn’t help anything. Eventually, a rumor starts spreading that someone actually SAW you drink lemonade. Now more people than ever are convinced that you love lemons. Out of sheer frustration for the lies you feel are spreading about you (even though in the context of this simile, lemons are NOT that big of a deal) you lash out at people when they ask you about Lemons, thinking this might finally put an end to it. But it doesn’t. People take your hostility towards lemons and say that it’s just you protecting yourself. After all….you would never get so defensive if you didn’t like lemons.

However, what people fail to realize is that when lies are spread – it’s extremely harmful, emotionally, for the person they are about. I don’t blame Dan for getting angry. Nor do I call it his “anti-phan phase”. I just see it as someone being backed into a corner by thousands of people who won’t let shit go.

I think eventually it calmed down a bit though. I think his new step was to ignore it, and pretend like it wasn’t a thing. Which was pretty much most of 2013.

Now that the phandom is fucking ginormous, I think his new tactic has been to appear as relatable as possible. And that relatability extends to joking about guys being attractive that potential people in his audience might find attractive. Do I think he is legit? Absolutely not. Danisnotonfire has turned into an internet persona. We are not looking at the actual Dan Howell – in my opinion. I have strong, STRONG feelings regarding this matter, but for the most part, imo, whatever we see on camera has been carefully calculated for teenage consumption. Which is why I put 0 weight into anything that Dan says now.

Think about this – management has to know that D&P’s sexuality is a big selling point. There’s no way they would let that be revealed – nor the exact status of their relationship. Because either way, there is going to be horrible backlash. If Dan or Phil were to come out and say they were openly Gay or Bisexual (they aren’t gay – they have said this many times. See the videos), or they were to come out and say Phan is real – they would lose thousands of subscribers that are determined to marry them. People would feel betrayed and lied to, and I personally would have lost so much respect for them for lying this entire time.

If they were to come out and say they were heterosexual, or say they have girlfriends, or move apart, or do something that would prove the non-existence of Phan, it would alienate all of the shippers (which takes up a large portion of their audience, and are the most loyal). Many people in the LGBTQ would feel betrayed and people would be very upset and angry.

It’s a rock and a hard place. They dug themselves into a ditch which I don’t think they can get out of for a long time.

Long story short – and I’m so glad this is all over – Do I believe Dan is bisexual? Maybe. I’m not going to discount the theories that people have put into place. They have really thought about those theories and I have no problem admitting that I could be entirely wrong. But I tend to lean more on the side of the heterosexual boat – personally, just based on my own opinions stated in the post above. As far as Phil - I have no idea. I’m going to go with Hetero just based on the things that I have seen thus far. 

This post is not meant to cause drama. It’s merely a place where I can express an opinion. If you agree with me, great! If not, that’s ok too. btw, you guys should really check out the counterphan timeline. 


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What are some good columbine documentaries/movies to watch ??? I'm just now finding myself fascinated by all of this

Ah yes, i love this question❤

My personal favourite is Zero Hour:
- It gives huge detail to every moment leading up to the shooting and during, and especially as a beginner i think this is an amazing resource.
- Also Ben Johnson and Josh Young portray Eric and Dylan well in my opinion
-There are real interviews with real students included in the interview, included first hand accounts and confrontation with Eric and Dylan themselves; John Savage, Brooks Brown and The Browns, Aaron Hancey.
- The 2020 interview with Sue Klebold.
- Beautiful interview with one of the mothers of the shooters, Sue Klebold
- Great for a more emotional perspective of the shooting
- You learn a lot about the past of dylan and the reconciliation between Sue and the public after the massacre.
-BBC broadcasting interview
-English version of the 2020 interview practically
-another interview with sue klebold.
As for other documentaries I would just click through the recommended on each of the following.
‘Cleaning Columbine’ on youtube, they post various clips and evidence on the case, i would really recommend
‘Columbine Video Archives’ on youtube, they also post clips and evidence and also theories and debunking videos.
I dont recommend using these as solid information but if you’re interested in the story you might enjoy.
ZERO DAY: (my fave)
-done in the style to represent the videos dylan and Eric made leading up to the shooting.
I personally havent watched this but a lot of people i know enjoyed it so whats the harm in trying it out?
It was pretty good, i liked it and its worth a shot, its got a pretty good rating and its not as heavy as other columbine inspired movies.


I like watching theory videos on this show to help provide ideas of my own, but alot of them are just so Star//co biased they start to get on my nerves.

and i’ve run into a bunch called “Why Sta//rco WILL Happen”, which naturally piss me off because that’s the equivalent of saying: “This is what’s going to happen, and despite many other directions this show could take this is absolutely where it’s going to go and all the rest of you have 0 chance of being canon”

I’m a tomco blog, and even I wouldn’t flipping make a theory literally stating why a ship is guaranteed to be canon because i’m open to other directions and possibilities. Even with evidence, i’d say there might be a chance of a fake-out, or that something could also mean something else.

((Plus pushing your ships on others can kinda rub me the wrong way))

But then again, i think they’re all just click bait titles anyway. -_-

So naturally, i use my photoshop powers to make a parody title i WISH i could find on flipping youtube because there is a strange lack of videos talking about Tomco up there.

(( Yeah i said i’m not big on biased theories, but at least this would add some variety and be unique))

Is it clickbaity enough? XD

Tom and Marco pic by @sir-scandalous

is chase actually evil?

from what i’ve seen, there’s been a lot of confusion about chase recently - is he good, is he evil, stuff like that. i kinda didn’t know what to think myself, but i saw a fantastic theory from @septicstacheedits this morning that gave me some new ideas. (i hope you don’t mind me tagging you, but your theory is too good not to give you credit! :D)

the suggestion here is that chase has actually been manipulating us ever since we first saw him in the bro average video, and there IS actually some evidence to back that up. 

they point out that it’s not entirely normal for someone to make a joke out of a drive-by shooting. it’s a pretty horrible thing to happen, so why the hell would chase put a mock-up in his video? i mean, yeah, there is such a thing as dark humour, but the way he looks at the camera afterwards kinda pushes the limits of that.

they ALSO pointed out that chase might be trying to make us feel sorry for him so that we latch onto him more & want to protect him - his phone calls with stacy in the video itself are just part of a sob story to earn pity from his fans. it’s all a guise to get extra attention. think about it - personal phone calls with your partner who wants a divorce aren’t something you’d want to share in a public video, right?

so yeah, chase might be manipulating us. but in my opinion, there’s two ways that this could go. the first could be that this actually chase’s real personality and he IS just an attention-seeker (which i really hope isn’t true ;-;). OR - and this is the one i believe - he’s being manipulated by someone else. namely, anti.

we’ve all been speculating that anti has some sort of control over jack’s other egos. so if he does, and anti has some sort of influence on chase (i kinda like to think of it as this little voice in the back of his head that appeared one day & won’t go away), then he’d force chase to do these things to push him to his breaking point. that breaking point is when chase commits the drive-by & ends up taking his own life afterward. 

(again, @septicstacheedits noted that there were realistic sound effects in the video itself, even though chase was using a nerf gun. so we can assume it actually happened off-camera at some point.)

one chase takes his own life, that’s all anti needs to gain full control. chase is now technically dead; he’s just another vessel/body for anti to take advantage of, just like jack back at halloween. 

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these are just some lil ramblings of mine. don’t know if they make any sense, but i thought i’d share these with the community to see what you guys think of it all. ^^

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More proof that DnP are moving from the latest gaming vid: "The game that almost got our neighbors to call the police and we're back doing it again because we don't care anymore!" They don't have to care because they're moving?!!

If I see anyone denying that they’re moving after this I swear to fucking god… 

For real though, not only have I seen so many people bluntly deny it without looking at the evidence and hints but they’ve also been really aggressive about it, calling those (us) who can see the move happening in front of their very eyes ‘extra’ and saying that they’re ‘reaching’ among other accusations (much like the debate as to whether Phan is real tbh). Not only is the aggression completely uncalled for, but I’m questioning why they’re denying it as they are. Unlike a lot of theories that circulate in the Phandom this one has sufficient evidence: Dan’s last liveshow (him being on the bed with his phone, his mousepad for his computer apparently running out of energy even though he could just replace the batteries, his bedside drawers being completely empty, and Wirrow’s painting being “relocated”), some of their offhand comments (”life things”, being tired and busy, constant complaints about their apartment and/or its location (such as gas leaks, the neighbours drilling and drunkards in the neighbourhood imitating owls), Phil’s calendar being open to May, and Dan asking us to remind him of the March/April period in about August (he said “in five months’ time” but he said that in a March liveshow so that would mean August)), neither of them doing liveshows for another couple of weeks even though their Australia conventions are already completed and realistically speaking I doubt they’ll spend all that time in Singapore (+ they’re uploading loads of pre-recorded videos), and of course what we can see in videos (Phil’s background in AP videos is noticeably emptier, Phil’s pillow/bedsheets in the gaming room, plus their kitchen was completely empty apart from Easter decorations and the baking equipment/ingredients) being the main factors. If it was just one or two of these instances occurring I might consider it reaching, but it’s too much of a coincidence for all of these to not only be happening in the same few months but also to be escalating in validity and significance as time moves on *cough* May gets closer *cough*. Those who are so insistent that they’re not moving either aren’t looking at all the evidence fairly (listed above for reference) or are telling themselves they aren’t moving for whatever weird reasons they may have (if one of you is doing the latter, just why? It’s not your life, it’s DnP’s, so their choices in life shouldn’t affect you this much).

This is my rant on the topic.

(Also I bet those aren’t the only loud noises they made to piss off the neighbours…)

Another thought:

The Mayor was speaking to the Detective before all of this even began. The Detective looked mighty serious as he walked away from the Mayor in the beginning of the video (I believe his facial expression and body language suggest this):

He keeps looking at us, the viewer, as he walks away. Something was already going down here. This theory is even supported by video evidence from Little Buddy, where the Mayor and Detective spoke in confidence (also the place we hear strange glitchy sounds, I might add) a few days before the murder, which I assume is meant to be today, as of October 10th.


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really????? what are your fursuits like??

i dont have any recent pictures because i dont usually have a handler, but here’s the one i use almost exclusively

there’s also Video Evidence from when i managed to get into someone’s recap. 

These are my other two, but i dont really like the proportions of the heads, and the anteater got mostly ruined(and is really hard to breathe in anyways, i might remake that one someday)

Okay, so with the Rachel Stair issue, I’m kinda getting a little confused about it now. She signed off as Andrew Blaze/used it all over social media, but a lot of people are saying she preferred Rachel? I saw the video where she said she hated the name Randy and liked the name Rachel, but why didn’t she just use Rachel on her social media, since she drew herself with long hair, breasts, etc. I thought Rachel was an OC? She also had separate twitter accounts for both Rachel and Andrew. I think I might just call her Andrew Blaze, since there’s very strong evidence she wanted to go by that name. Can anybody help me out with this? I’m super confused tbh


I’ve been seeing quite a bit posts lately about shipping, whether it’s about asking shippers to tone it down, all the way to shippers that seems to take it up their ass when someone else ships a different ship. 

Like are you for real? I’m sure most people would agree with me when I say shipping is purely imagination? Like I think these two look cute together, or they have great chemistry so I ship them. How does this affect anyone else? 

And for the people that is so overly sensitive about the contents (whether its explicit sex scenes, or abuse, etc.) of these fics, it’s just imaginary jfc. It’s created and it stays in people’s head, that’s all, don’t be such a party pooper. If it’s not for you, move on to the next fic, simple. 

Also I saw a post that day that is asking people to not make proof videos or evidence videos of ships because it’s misleading. BRUH. If you believe those videos in the first place, then you stupid, soz nothing can be done and I’m not even gonna waste more time addressing that. 

Was totally not gonna write about this because I thought no one was taking this seriously but now that I’ve seen so many posts regarding this, might as well drop one and be done with it. 


okay so i was watching the stressed out music vid in the car for like the umpteenth time and i just thought about this:

remember in a certain interview when tyler said that they removed the blue from the original tøp logo because ‘blurryface’ only struck him as red?

well, in the stressed out video he was wearing a full black outfit EXCEPT for his beanie, the backpack, and his shoelaces.

let me go a little bit in depth with everything here:

- this might symbolize how blurryface is the voice in his head, doubting everything that he does and just making him insecure about his intentions (hence the first verse that i am evidently too lazy to type out)
- in some parts of the video (where he is in josh’s garage[?] and his room where he sings the chorus), he takes it off, and it may symbolize that those are the rare moments where he momentarily lets go of the doubts and insecurities that he feels, hence the dancing which might also symbolize him feeling free and letting go

- might symbolize the weight that he always has to carry around, the ‘burdens’ and hardships that he has gone through and STILL is going through
- might mean the things that’s giving him worries but he can’t seem to escape, and it always weighs him down
- as previously stated in the beanie theory, this might mean that even though he has gotten rid of ONE aspect of his insecurities, but can never really let go of ALL of them, as he still carries a big part of it with him

- alright, so this one i’m not entirely sure of, but it MIGHT represent tyler’s uncertainty in the past as to where he is really going with his music. like, it might be about his doubts towards whether he’s going to the right path or not. so yeah, these might not even be correct and i might just be delving in a little too deep with the music video, but this is my theory.


This angers me so much.

Honestly though, how can you quote unquote “hate” Michael? Just because he dyes his hair and looks reasonably more “punk” than the rest of the band suddenly gives you legitimate a reason to hate a wonderful, considerate, kind person that cares and loves his fans unconditionally? The fact that you say you “hate michael” and then state that the “rest of them” (Cal, Luke, Ash) are “so so cute” implies that you have only simply judged them based on appearance, and not their full beings as a whole, which I believe to be a very poor decision on your part and a demonstration of a total lack of character.

(Let it be clear that you have every right to “hate” someone, but I strongly disagree with putting out such a strong statement based on very faint evidence of any previous knowledge of who they are as a person, other than their basic facial features. (Also, nobody knows Michael better than himself, and he might truly be someone worth “hating” in truth, however, the Michael that he has presented everyone through photographs, videos, tweets, social media; the whole shebang, identifies correctly with my previous statements of being a loving, caring person, and one that should be appreciated by others, and not “hated”.))

Let’s just admire this loveable ball of goofiness, shall we?

Beep, beep, motherfucker, your judgemental opinion is irrelevant 

He’s so adorable

Look at this idiot :-)










I love you

He’s so cuddly and soft too like

This honestly makes me want to cry, the girl didn’t even dm him complaining about how she felt, and he noticed that she was feeling down and took the time out of his day to message her this :’)

What a fucking sweetheart

External image

I’m not sobbing???

He loves his fans so much too, like:


He’s just so sweet 


So in conclusion, I love Michael a damn lot and I just can’t comprehend why someone couldn’t love this adorable melon head :-)

ok byeee

The Age of Strife is upon us...

I’m sure most of you are now aware of the recent debate which has been enveloping the 40k fandom and causing a not-inconsiderable amount of friction. The issue in question is a noble one, but also an delicate one; whether females should be of greater prominence in the 40k universe - both in the fluff, and in terms of models. The issue of female Astartes has also arisen, and given the noted contradiction in the fluff this is an issue which is - whichever side one might take - understandably contested.

To clarify (for those maybe new to the franchise) the Adeptus Astartes (or Space Marines) are an collection of human super-soldiers renowned for being all-male; this is because the genetic engineering process the recruits must undergo is only compatible with the male genome. Is it not explicitly evident why this is (i am not familiar with the reason at any rate), except that the Primarchs are semi-clones of the Emperor, utilising his DNA. This has been a fact of 40k lore pretty much since its creation.

The desire to have female marines is completely understandable - equal representation of women within the franchise (and not the half-hearted Sisters of Battle) is desirable to help achieve sexual equality and eliminate misogyny in the fandom IRL - and the effect might spread to other fandoms, such as video games or comic books. It would also give women in the fandom some badass genetically-engineered women to play on the tabletop, as well as any dudes who might want a female marine army. These are all very good things to aspire to.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that this contradicts the lore - in a big way. Any attempt to alter the lore to accommodate “Adepta Astartes” would result in other areas of the lore being severely altered, too (overhaul of Mechanicus and Imperial doctrine, changing of Imperial history, etc.). The 40k fandom are not a bunch who tend to like it when the lore is arbitrarily changed - take the 5th Edition Necron codex, the renaming of the Imperial Guard, or anything written by Matt Ward as examples. While the argument that “it would be for a good cause” might certainly be justified, if the ultimate effect is to have female marines despised for “what they did to the fluff” then nothing has been achieved overall - any benefits to equality that might’ve been gained would be immediately lost to a considerable portion of the fandom holding a grudge against them.

This isn’t limited to female equality - any significant, sudden, illogical changes to any army’s lore (revival of the Necrontyr, completion of Old One-intended Ork evolution, reconciliation of the Dark Eldar into the Craftworld Eldar lifestyle, the return of the Emperor) will inevitably be met with animosity. The desire to keep the Astartes as they are is not sexism; it’s the desire to maintain the elaborately-created story because we love the universe for what it is.

I’m sure i don’t just speak for myself when i say that a more realistic goal might be to highlight the prominence of women in armies which are already stated to have female soldiers. Some armies already do this more than others. These armies include - but are not limited to - the following:

The Imperial Guard
Militarum Tempestus
Chaos Renegades
The Inquisition
Dark Eldar
Adeptus Mechanicus
Sisters of Battle (a given, but they could do with a revamp)
Chaos Space Marines (anything could happen with Chaos, and a Daemon Princess seems very plausible).

Not to mention the increased mention of female members of non-combatant bodies, such as the High Lords of Terra, the Ministorum, the Tau Water Caste, or something.

The crux of my argument is that it’s unwise to change something so fixed when there are many areas of the fandom which would very happily benefit from female characters being present - the inclusion of 2nd Lieutenant Mira in “Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine” was very refreshing, and she was a genuinely likeable and respectable character. The game was better off for her being there, and not as a sex symbol either. This is the sort of gender equality which would be not only canonically-acceptable but actively encouraged within the fandom. If that works well, and if the idea of female marines becomes more cogent, then who knows where one could go after that?

Thanks for reading, i appreciate it. Emperor be with you.

Elsa drinks a lot of coffee in the mornings.  A lot of coffee.  Anna might have a mug (or two if she’s really sleep-deprived) but Elsa’s intake is measured in pots.  It has to be super unhealthy.  Anna has warned, repeatedly, that she’s going to drop of a heart attack at thirty-four at this rate.

But, well, she’s also seen how Elsa is without her pot (or two, or three) of the stuff.  She swears Elsa once spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to open the bathroom door (Elsa has no memory of this, but Anna saw the whole thing–and vowed to get video evidence next time).  The idea of Elsa operating a car in that state is terrifying.  A heart attack at thirty-four is better than a car accident today, so Anna accepts that Elsa’s caffeine addiction isn’t going away.

So when she goes to take a pottery class at the community center, she comes back with a giant (if not-quite-uniform) mug.  Elsa gives a sarcastic “gee, thanks” when she sees that it has “World’s #1 Dork” written on the side, but it turns to genuine happiness when she learns just how much coffee it can hold.

Elsa stops bothering with the pot after that.  She’s brews straight into her mug and downs the stuff like water.  And then she’ll fix Anna with a flat stare, accuse her of being an enabler, and go make more.

The Lowdown on Lying

Okay, so there’s a lot of what I’m about to lay out that may be contradicted in videos later as these ideas develop and such, but here’s a summary on the character of Lying, particularly as the Witch in the Woods, to slightly head-off any concerns people might have with his depiction and also to add some detail for the fanfic writers and artists to chew on.

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