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Hi! Do you think you could do a detailed HC list for Luna Lovegood? ❤

  • Has lots of stimmy movements in the movies. A couple examples in this gifset (top middle, top right, bottom left, and bottom middle gifs)
  • Straightforward and honest when communicating with others, not in a rude or blunt way, but she doesn’t beat around the bush or bother with unnecessary small talk or white lies because she doesn’t see the point. Here’s a gifset example of this.
  • Related, but she also says what’s on her mind as soon as she thinks it. She doesn’t have a barrier between her thoughts and her words. The top left and top right gifs in this gifset are examples of this.
  • Special interest in magical creatures, including magical creatures that most people don’t think are real (the sort of magical creatures the Quibbler writes stories on). She infodumps on them a lot! And she loves to spend time with magical creatures, like the thestrals.
  • Gets along well with other autistic and neurodivergent people. She’s very accepting of their neurodivergent traits and tries her best to accommodate them, like her father’s autism and Harry’s PTSD.
  • Socially awkward, which manifests itself in things I’ve already mentioned, like how she’s always honest and has no filter, but she also isn’t very good at making friends and sometimes can’t read people (but sometimes can, especially if she’s known them a while and is used to them, like Harry).
  • Related, she doesn’t follow social norms and doesn’t want to, even though she’s bullied because she doesn’t. She doesn’t see the point in following nonsense rules that don’t help anyone or in appearing to be someone she’s not.
  • Her clothes are very stimmy, with dangling earrings, long necklaces, bright colors, layers, frills and stitching, and comfortable fabrics.
  • Assumes the best of people, even people who are rude or mean to her.
  • Pauses to think before a lot of her actions, because she doesn’t automatically know what to do in certain situations so she has to go through her options and try to remember what the right thing to do is in each situation.

Anticipating that tomorrow will be different. To me, that’s what hope is.


venatorphile i feel so strongly about this ship that i needed to make a gifset for it whoops

but anyways elle/emmett from legally blonde the musical is probably my current favorite ship because they’re too cute?  like before they officially become a couple (because most of their relationship happens off-screen) they already have a secret handshake. and then elle does super well in class emmett is just so excited that about it and there’s honestly just a lot i love about their relationship. And then the show ends with elle proposing and it’s just really adorable and i love it a lot


happy birthday, moirasburton~! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked me how i made THIS gifset, so i’m gonna show you how to make this:

What you will need:

  • Photoshop (i use CS5 extended)
  • KMPlayer
  • Basic knowledge on how to make a gif (check this tutorial in case you don’t know)
  • Basic knowledge on how to use masks ( if not, then check this tutorial)

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I love being a caddie. It’s so much more than just carrying clubs. It’s about offering positive reinforcement. I consider myself a caddie to everyone in my life.


Matt Bomer & Liv Tyler as Ted & Jessica in Space Station 76

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thanks for making a tutorial! i meant in like these sets post/145931829299 post/147607639734 how do you make the backgrounds so smooth and blue? do you have a technique?

alright so this isn’t the exact same coloring as from those gifsets but it’s the same technique

i’ll be showing you how to go from this:

to this:

also, this tutorial will only be covering the coloring part of making a gif, so you’ll need to know how to do everything else, like sharpening, cropping, etc.

please take a second to like/reblog if you find this useful. it makes me super happy and motivates me a lot! xx

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I guess there's TW news??? I just scrolled far enough down my dash to see gifs - I'm so disconnected from cannon I had no idea. I haven't watched the show in a while, but wtf is up with sc*lia? Have they like, ever talked to each other?? Gahhhhhh gross. But at least this will refuel the sterek shippers (I hope)!

lol yup! You’re probably caught up on this point but yeah, new trailer, old characters, a lot of fandom flailing in both positive and negative directions. I think we’re all a little worn out at this point just from all the emotions, but I’ve already seen some new gifsets and I’m sure a ton of ficlets, headcanons, and general fandoming will be happening soon enough!

As for that other ship… yeah, I really can’t comment. I don’t know anything about their interactions so even though it seems very “pair off the spares” to me (everyone else in the pack is officially dating each other at this point, right? They’re the only single ones so I guess they have to get together *rolls eyes*) maybe it makes sense. Either way… I can’t really think too much about her it.

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Helloooo, I wondered if you could help me. Why is Jim calling Seb "Tiger" ? I know that in the ACD stories Sebastian hunted tigers but is that the whole reason ? xxx

Hey! That’s basically what sparked it, yes. Plus you have that part mentioned in books and fanfiction everywhere, so that idea just evolved in a pet name for some over time! 

Here is pretty much all information from the canon ACD stories packed together in one text, if you’re interested in having a look at that + there’s also the Novel The Hound of the D'Urbervilles by Kim Newman which some people like and some don’t, but that’s were some drew a lot ideas from and you probably stumbled over quotes from that novel on edits and gifsets already

Hope this helped!

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That's no fair though 😞 by the time Future Man will be released in Europe as well (hoping it will 🙏 ) we'd already have all the episodes spoilered from you lucky americans

Unfortunately, yes. ngl- there will be gifsets and lots of stuff out there, especially since all the episodes are going to be released at once. I would suggest blacklisting “future man spoilers” or something of the like, unless you want to try torrenting the episodes until they’re available internationally.

Current Projects

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @thatkanragirl ;)))

Fan Fictions: See Luna Safe to Altissia, Lunyx’s journey after Kingsglaive.

This is my first fan fiction in english. I guess I can’t go without a bang because it’s already 12 chapters long and it will be aproximatively 17. For me… it’s huge xD It feels like a novel and it takes me a lot of work on daily basis xD But I love it, not only because of lunyx (otp) but also because of the actual story and plot twists behind it. Honestly, we deserved some of the themes I deal with also in the actual game. 

Gifsets: a lot of them i guess xD

I want to focus on the chocobros for awhile now. I want to do something with them, maybe answering at some requests (which are always open anyway). Probably some ffx gifsets as well. And some Kingsglaive again (because I’m Kingsglaive trash). 

But my gifsets really suffer because of my changing moods xD I work on them only when I feel really ispired lol

Drawings: Lunyx, it’s all Lunyx. If I can (and if someone else doesn’t), i draw for my own fic.

Except for a concept I wanted to try out, something involving Noctis Luna and Nyx. But I kinda fear of publishing it because I feel like it will be take as a sort of love-triangle-drawing, when it’s totally not. It was meant to symbolize a parallel between noct and nyx actually but … mmmmmh, we’ll see. 

now the tags! :) 

@loveiscosmicsin @annaoi @fabulanova-ffxv @ulric-nyx @kerrtrash @kantonliu @ramibriidge 

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I am reading your Kyuranger liveblogs and your tags are hilarious! Tsurugi's pretty much killed me more times in two episodes than Stinger has since his debut! XD

YAY~! ^^ I’m always here to spread the Tsurugi madness/obsessions/fanscreams uuuh.. love, I meant love xD 

I do have to come up with a kyuranger liveblogging tag tho, I’m sure not everyone will appreciate my spamming ^^’’

but I’m really happy that people like Tsurugi so much! Makes me feel a lot better about starting a gifset series for him, since starting a gifset series is a big commitment for me (for example; I’m already over a 100 gifsets for Spada)

but yeah, I’m always here to obsess over this sexy bird bastard and everyone is more than welcome to join me so we can all scream together xD


Jemma Simmons + this hairstyle
              » “You are easily the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a thousand years.”