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My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.

BTS Conversation for the Lunch Bangtan Bomb
  • Seokjin: There's a reason rice noodles have low calories
  • Namjoon: Why's that?
  • Seokjin: Because they're tasty, if you eat something deliciously then it's zero calories.
  • Namjoon: That's right. It's an accurate fact.
  • Seokjin: Do you acknowledge it?!
  • Yoongi: It's zero calories! Bang Bang Bang (sound of gavel)
  • BTS: ...
  • Managers: ...
  • Staff: ...
  • Armys: ...
  • Everyone: Shit... Seokjin's right, rewrite the nutrition textbooks and change the law of nature Seokjin says rice noodles are zero calories !!!!

Me: *reads gay smut*

Parent: *walks in the room*

Me: *My fingers go faster then the Flash as I delete many pages of smut, history and a few DJ’S then look up pictures of kitties.*

Parent: “What ya looking at?”

Me: “Kitties.”

I want Ian and Mickey to just talk; a good long chat about each other and how they’re doing. I want Ian to ask Mick about prison, I want them to talk about micks tattoo, I want Mickey to ask how Ian is doing with his disorder and how his mental state is. I want them to share each other in a moment of Just them no cares in the world and a quite moment. I just want them to say I love you face to face for real, NO ulterior. I don’t really care if gallavich is END game, like yes it would be nice but I just want a good
Moment of Ian and Mickey, two separate beings talking about their lives in the past few years.


So listen here, I need to get this off my chest. Many of you know that Wonho is my ultimate bias and will always be but you probably also know that I love all Monsta X members for many different reasons. Right now I feel the need to express my love for Shownu. I absolutely adore the fucking fuck out of this awkward bean. He is the cutest smol trapped in a tol’s body ever okay? I constantly have the urge to squish his cheeks and protect him at all times. He is the backbone of MX and he has grown so much and is truly becoming an awesome leader. Over 2k16 we have seen him grow so much from the praise he earned on “Hit the Stage”, to him coming out of his shell and holding his own on “Lipstick Prince” where he doesn’t have his members to rely on and the cast loves him just as much as we do, not too mention is funny antics from the first two episodes of Monsta X-Ray (Shownu as mother-in-law/Omoni will forever breathe life into me. #Shomoni). He is dedicated to Monsta X and is so hard working and I admire the shit out of him. His eye smile adds years to my life and I am so ready to continue watching him and the rest of Monsta X grow.💜💜Please keep supporting and cheering for Shownu and Monsta X😊😊


“Here comes a thought” Holy shit I finished it. But ah my camera is so bad! QWQ But I decided to draw @linssins’s au, playback tale. And oh God this character is fun to draw and rp as! I was listening to here comes a thought and was drawing this adorable screen. So yeah have this. …enjoy I really have no idea to say- And oh God how many times have I messed up on this

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