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Does John Adams deserve the unwarranted hate from some Hamilton fans?


Is John Adams a pure bean who never did anything wrong?


Is John Adams 100% to blame for the Alien and Seditions acts?


Is John Adams 100% innocent for the Alien and Sedition acts?


Is it fair to compare John Adams to Trump?


Did John Adams have an amazing wife?


Did Abigail Adams never do anything wrong?


Fennel and Cheri Sans sat down together, both quiet. They had gotten used to this long ago; they seemed to understand one another. Cheri knew about Fennel’s problems with unrequited love, and Fennel knew about Cheri’s clairvoyance. In short…they knew the other was sad. They both understood why, and in doing so, they had become close friends, often sitting together in sullen silence.

Fennel then broke the ice by looking up at the fire skeleton, his eyes darkened and void of light. “Hey, Cher…” he started. “You…I-I mean…I know you can see the future and all…”

“Not just one, all of them,” Cheri corrected, a newfound habit of hers. “Just don’t know which one will be real. Why, what about it?”

Butterflies began to flutter in Fennel’s nonexistent stomach. What he was about to say had been in thought for a long time. Usually, monsters weren’t supposed to know the future, that was the point of living life; to discover things as one went. But for Fennel…he felt this was different.

“H…H-How far can you see into it?” he asked curiously.

Cheri had to stop and think about this. “Well…” she started, “I never really bothered to look further than the immediate future; what’s the point of all that? But…I suppose I could look even further. Maybe days, or weeks…or months…even years, I guess. I never really explored it. Why? Is there something you want to know?”

“…y-yes,” Fennel stammered slightly, his cheeks blushing slightly. “Could you see….um…if…i-if I ever get with someone? Like…a partner?”
Cheri expected this to happen, she had already seen it in one of many futures. “Sure, I could try,” she shrugged. “But you have to understand that whatever I see is just a probability. There’s no telling for sure.”

“I-I understand,” Fennel stated, holding his hands together. He felt a small spark of hope flutter in his soul. Maybe he would get together. Maybe he would find someone who finally loved him back.

Just maybe…

Cheri then smoothed out her flames, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Fennel couldn’t see anything, but Cheri’s mind started to wander past the foreseeable events of the immediate future to distant futures. It was very tough to concentrate so far, with the possibilities being so infinite.

She began to see images. 

Images of Fennel being alone and permanently saddened, even well into adulthood.

Image of Fennel crying alone and putting on a fake smile when friends and family were around.

Images of Fennel being heartbroken so many times before he turned eighteen.

Soon…images of Fennel looking a little happier. 

Images of Fennel with a partner. Fennel looking…complete. So happy.

But there were so few futures of Fennel having a partner (or partners, since she saw a very small number of polyamorous relationships that Fennel was involved in). Even one image of Fennel with…wait, that couldn’t be right. That was certainly odd.

She tried to concentrate even further. But soon the images started blurring together and bleeding out. Her head began to throb suddenly, and she felt a warmness on her face.

Suddenly all the images vanished, and her world turned to black…

She soon awoke to Fennel panicking over her. Cheri slowly sat up, having fallen over, but then her head began to throb once again. It took a moment for her to reenter reality and realize that Fennel was asking her something.

“Y-Yeah…yeah, I’m fine, Fen,” she assured him. Putting a hand to her face had her realize that she had blood seeping out of her eye sockets. Great.

She didn’t bother wiping the blood off; she saw no point to it. Just all the possibilities that would occur depending on when she scrubbed it off. 

“But yeah…I did see things about you, Fennel. Some possible futures occur somewhat sooner and others later. In a few, you do have end up having a mate. In some futures, you even have more than one partner, and even in one, I see you with my b-…never mind. And in all of those…I see happiness.”

“But…with most of them…” Cheri again closes her eyes and shakes her head in sullen defeat. “I’m sorry, Fennel. I tried to look as far as I could…but I couldn’t find you with any mates in probably 80% of the futures. I just see you all sad and alone, just like now.”

“There’s no one.”

A short story between Fennel and Cheri Sans. Canon? Perhaps or perhaps not. Be careful of what you wish for, Fennie…

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Fennel © @underfaerie
Cheri Sans © @candy-undertale

au where everything is the same but the elrics’ fear of izumi is not comedic in any way, and the effects of her abuse are more apparent and shown more than a split second moment where ed flinches away from mustang. izumi faces repercussions and the elrics have to deal with the fact that someone they love and admire was abusive toward them and that it was 100% unhealthy. 

The First (and Only) Hit

A crack resonates through the once violently loud apartment, and everything else falls into a deafening silence. 

Yuri’s mouth tips open, all anger suddenly melting into concern and the horrific realisation of what he’d just done, and who he’d just done it to, before he lurches forward and falls into his victim. He’s not moving, not reacting to the situation at all while Yuri is nearing hyperventilation, already crying from shock as though he was the one who’d just been punched in the jaw. He clutches Otabek’s shirt, screwing his fists into it and whimpering every time his sensitive knuckles brush against the fabric, but his partner remains worryingly still. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry, Beka. I didn’t mean to, I promise I-”

Yuri pulls back from him and tries to look at him, tries to find those familiar brown eyes, but they aren’t there anymore. They’re red-rimmed and dull, almost lifeless and completely looking through Yuri, like he wasn’t stood right in front of him. And then, a flash, and Otabek’s face changes. 

His eyebrows furrow, and Yuri almost thinks he’s going to cry, but then he’s being pushed back and shoved out of the way as Otabek storms past him, his jaw still red and raw from the hit. 

Yuri hadn’t thought he could hurt another person like that, but the force behind the punch came from a dark place, a place of overwhelming anger and near hate. He’s never hit another person before, never hit anything other than a few inanimate objects, and he never wants to again. Not when Otabek is practically shaking and storming around the apartment while Yuri stands and watches like an idiot. 

His legs start to move on their own when Otabek reaches the door, and suddenly Yuri finds himself on his knees, pushed away again and scrambling to grip onto any part of Otabek that he can. 

“Don’t go. Don’t leave, Beka- Please, not now-”

“I’m not going to be treated like that, Yuri. Not now, and not ever.”

Otabek leaves with a single bag on his back and his keys in hand, and Yuri doesn’t even try to follow him. Instead, Yuri hangs his head and cries, staining the hardwood flooring beneath himself.