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Name: Aaron

Nicknames: I don’t really have any, and A-A-Ron from that one comedy skit does NOT count

Zodiac sign: Libra!

Height: 5′5

Orientation: Pan

Nationality: White

Favorite fruit: Raspberries and cherries!

Favorite season:  GOD I love EVERY SEASON but I love autumn the most I guess

Favorite book: Lmao as if I could pick one…I always loved His Dark Materials as a series and The Great Gatsby is my favorite classic, though!

Favorite flower:  Every flower? But mostly lavender and forget me nots!

Favorite scent: Lavender and nutmeg!

Favorite color: Blues and greens (I never have one favorite thing, do I? rip)

Favorite animal: CATS and dogs and all kinds of lizards. I also tear up any time I see a fennec fox irl.

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: All three? But I drink coffee the most.

Average sleep hours: Uhhh. 4-5?

Cat or dog person: BOTH I can never decide.

Favorite fictional character: Probably James T. Kirk

Number of blankets you sleep with: Only one in the summer, two in winter. I’m a lots of pillows kinda guy.

Dream trip: I’m not super picky but I’ve always wanted to go somewhere with colorful autumns, since we don’t have that where I’m from. I’d wanna explore a forest and probably hike around a bit, find some good spots for stargazing…or tbh I’d just love to take a road trip up and down the west coast.

Blog created: September 2012 lmao

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You know what I love about aftg/tfc? Everyone is Reece King. Matt? Reece king. Dan? Also Reece king. Allison? Reece King with a blond wig. Renee? Reece King with a pastel wig. Nicky? Just give Reece a flower crown it’ll be great. Aaron and Andrew? Reece King squatting and pretending to be short with armbands and knifes for Andrew. Neil? Reece King with scars and red hair. Wymack? Reece King knowing he doesn’t get paid enough for this shit. Kevin? Reece King chugging vodka and eating baby carrots

If there’s a reason I’m by her side

tfc characters as things i've heard at college
  • dan: "you know, when i applied to college i didn't realize i was selling my soul to the devil"
  • kevin: "i'm a athletic"
  • andrew: "i was like, who the FUCK touched me"
  • matt: "oh jesus fucking christ what am i doing?"
  • aaron: "megan, stop. no one likes you"
  • seth: "dude it's not even 9 in the morning shut the fuck up. please."
  • allison: "i had to blow dry my hair bc i walked outside and it froze"
  • nicky: *professor says something* "that was bullshit"
  • renee: "hey, god? end this"
  • neil: "do u think if i just pretend to drop dead right now or faint she'll move the test back?"
  • riko: "i have no life by the way"
  • jean: "i cried until i fell asleep last night"

Minki was sad that he couldn’t show his full potential, but it’s okay, we’re here for him. We know what he can do. We know the potential he has. We will be there for him. 

 Dongho had his fun adopting children and totally upgrading the sales of icecream. He could play teacher for a lot and made people fall in love with him, for being the person who we know him as, not as the scary person mnet wanted him to be.

 Minhyun had his fun acting as a CEO, the one who could predict everything with a heavenly voice,  but instead of recruiting his trainees he got recruited himself… It’s a pity but he’ll get out of there. He’ll return back to his brothers. 

Jonghyun was the nations leader. Everybody knew it. Everybody knows it. And everybody will never forget it. They are irreplaceable and through produce 101 they showed that.

This journey has ended, but we’re there for them, Aron is there for them, a lot of new lo/\es are there for him. 

Let’s make the second part of this journey unforgetable!