there can you see me wave

ACOTAR Fandom Life: Loving Rhysand
  • (What would happen if I met my Fairy Godmother)
  • Fairy Godmother: You could can have one wish, anything in the world. Like your dream job or your dream man!
  • Me: Hit me up with my dream man!
  • Fairy Godmother: *waves wand* *Man appears*
  • Me: *squints at the man* Wait
  • a second.... *sees no wings*
  • Me: *Doesn't see the sexiest high lord in existence* YOU'RE NOT RHYSAND.
  • Fairy Godmother: Well no, but-
  • Me: Send him back.
  • Fairy Godmother: Wait what? What do you mea-
  • Me: SEND. HIM. BACK.

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Pidge groaned and drug a hand down her face, exasperated,”Okay, see, this is just not correct.” 

“Pidge, you know I love you, but you’re extremely wrong when it comes to this.” Lance crossed his arms and gave her the look. 

“Fuck off, Nessie is the best.” 

“Um?? No?? Yeti is??” Lance scoffed and waved his arms around. 

“You can fight me on this.” Pidge narrowed her eyes up at him. 

“Okay but, both of you are wrong.” A third voice joined the argument and they both turned to see Keith sipping on a mug,”Mothman is the best.” 

“How dare you-how?? I?? To even insinuate!” Lance seemed offended, to say the least. 

Keith shrugged,”Mothman would treat you right.” 

“Yeah, well Yeti would always make you snow cones and also kill people for you. Would Mothman kill for you, Keith.” Lance crossed his arms and leaned forward, eyeing the mulleted man. 

“Probably.” Keith thought for a moment,”Maybe if you asked nicely.” 

“Oh my God.” Pidge rubbed at her temples,”What is this mess.” 

“If you can’t handle implications of murder, Pidge, leave now.” Lance shot back at her. 

“No, you heathens, not that. The fact you think that Nessie hasn’t already committed thousands of heinous crimes for those she loves.” 

“Nessie is a stone cold bitch, and you can tell her I said that.” Keith mumbled around his mug, glaring in Pidge’s direction. 

“Now! Let’s not get out of hand here.” Lance held up his hands in defense,”But I still, and will always think Yeti would make the better boyfriend.” 

“Okay, whatever, Losers. Nessie is a wonderful sea monster who just wants love, you guys are rude.“ Pidge turned to leave.

“Tell Nessie to meet me in the pit!” Keith called after her and Lance sighed, dragging a hand down his face. 

Shiro forbade cryptid discussions soon after. 

I don’t wanna be dreamy and ethereal, I don’t want to be untouchable. I wanna be as raw and real as you can get, almost as if though you can taste my essence everywhere I go, like a sangria and vanilla extract. You can smell me like a hot July night with the scent of charcoal and bubblegum. and see me like the blazing sky at sunset and the heat waves on a hot day, hear my voice echoes the way an engine roars and a firework pops. Feel me like the sun dripping on your back and that warm step in the shower when your feet are aching. I want to be utterly palpable and enveloping. I want to be felt. Unforgettable, and utterly sensational.

but really … Armin’s big smile and the way his face lights up right after he looks at Mikasa and sees her awkwardly trying not to trip over a wave and awkwardly smiling while blushing

It’s the ocean yes, he’s happy yes, but you can’t tell me he’s not happy that Mikasa is experiencing this with him, that he also gets to share his happiness with her too, even if it wasn’t initially her dream, he’s like “see Mikasa! told you it’s awesome! told you we’re gonna have this moment!”

Everything I noticed when I listened to the DEH cast album for the first time without seeing the show in person

- For forever is so pure
- Nervous, adorable Evan during if I could tell her was the highlight of my life
- Disappear makes you feel like you can write a 7 act opera and win the olympics whilst writing the great American novel
- You will be found builds into this big chorus that is so TREMENDOUS AND AMAZING
- I heard the title good for you and I thought it would be angsty aND I WAS RIGHT
- Mike Faist The God™
- The harmonies in requiem killed meeeee
- Words fail didn’t FAIL at making me cry
- So big / so small requires tissues
- All I see is sky for forever in acapella was everything I needed and more

I’m just picturing professional baseball player Derek Hale getting heckled by a fan as he stands near third base.

Said fan is tall with mess brown hair and is wearing his hat backwards as he yells at Derek. Usually he just tunes it out, but this guy is cute and the way he waves his hands is kind of distracting.

It’s the top of the third and they’re already up by 5 runs so Derek allows himself to listen to the fan.

“Hale! Hale! I know you’re not a pitcher or a catcher but would you do either with me?”

Derek can feel his ears burning red and is very thankful that the fan can’t see it.

The next inning he hears, “Derek! You’re ass looks delightful in those pants.”

The game keeps going and the fan keeps yelling, he can’t even call it heckling, it’s more like the guy is hitting on him.

So the game ends and he’s signing some kids hats and taking pictures when he sees the guy standing a few rows back, a little smirk on his face when Derek catches his eye.

“Want an autograph?” Derek calls and he sees the guy step forward.

“Sure thing,” He said, holding out his hat. “Make it out to Stiles.”

“What’s a Stiles?”

“My name.”

Derek laughed and signed the hat, handing it back and grinning as Stiles saw the 7 digits on it, his eyes widening.

“That’s a phone number.”


“I’ll call you then,” Stiles said, his eyes still wide.

And he did.

A few years later Stiles sat on the third baseline, hat backwards and a Hale jersey on. The game ended with a win for the Dodgers, Derek hitting a walk-off homer to win.

After the game he did his usual routine of signing autographs and then he walked over to Stiles, pulling him into a kiss for the whole world to see and then pulled out a ring.

Stiles obviously said yes and the proposal made the top ten plays on Sports Center, so did the walk off home run, but no one was talking about that.

All This Time

Request: Imagine the reader is Barry’s ex girlfriend and she is in National City helping Supergirl and working at Catco. When they see each other they realize they are still in love!

Requested by: anon

Word Count: 2457

“Hey, Y/N.. Can you handle that for me? I need to check if everything is up to date for the next issue..” Kara pointed at the stack of papers on her desk, her anxiety clear.

“No problem, Kara..” You smiled to reassure her when she shot you a worried look. You shooed her with a wave of your hand.

You grabbed the load of paperwork from Kara’s desk with a sigh. You weren’t lying to Kara. You had finished your work a while back so you were free to help your friend with stuff.

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When sleepy JK facetimes you

*you hear your phone vibrating on your nightstand next to you*

Y/N: *slides phone screen to accept the call*

JK: Hai Y/N~

Y/N: Kookie~ 

Y/N: You look so tired, did you have a rough day?

JK: I’m fine, we were just practicing the choreography and I’m taking a break right now

JK: *notices that you did your hair in soft waves*

JK: *can barely keep his eyes open* Wah your hair looks really nice today, if only I can touch…

Y/N: *blushes* You should get some rest!! You can call me after you take a nap

JK: I don’t want to *pouts* I need to see you so I can regain my strength and I won’t be meeting you until *counts in head* 2 to 3 weeks later

Y/N: *giggles* you’re always so hardworking whether its dancing or even our relationship

JK: Hehe, because of you it’s possible to do anything

Y/N: *embarrassed* Look at you being all smooth, I’ll wait for your return okay?

JK: Okay *smiles* love you buttercup 

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Manitowoc Herald-Times, Wisconsin, September 24, 1926

I guess I hate men.

I hate to get up at three o’clock in the morning to answer the telephone and have some male voice tell me, “Wrong number”.

I hate to get out of the bath tub to take a parcel from a delivery boy for the family next door who are not at home.

I hate male dancers with permanently waved hair.

I hate old men that dance with me and say, “What’s your ‘phone number girlie?”

I hate young men that say “Gracious, can’t you Charleston?”

I hate the landlord when he writes “Please remit”.

I hate the old school boy friend that says, “Let’s see, you’re one year older than I am”.

I hate the tailor when he says “My, but you’re putting on weight.”

I hate men that take me out to a supper club and then dance with all the chorus girls so that I have to go home with an uncle.

I have men that say, “Can you imagine me falling for a blonde”.



Can you just see them now?

After they have defeated another foe…

EMMA: That was amazing! Another victory.

REGINA: That was very close. (scowls at Emma) TO DEATH. We could have died.

EMMA: What else is new?

REGINA: (halts and stares as Emma walks a little ahead) You’re smug. Why are you so smug?

EMMA: Because it’s US, Regina. It’s you and me and WE are doing what we do best in a fight. We win! Together. Side by side. It’s how we roll! Emma & Regina.

REGINA: (raises an eyebrow) Regina & Emma.

EMMA: (waves it off) We’re like Batman & Robin.

REGINA: (walks beside Emma, smirking) And of course WHO would be Batman in this scenario?

REGINA AND EMMA: (together) Me.

REGINA AND EMMA: (together) YOU!?

They both pause. Regina starts walking

REGINA: No. I think clearly, I’m Batman. You’re my little “sidekick-puppy-person”.

EMMA: What?! No way!

They come to a halt again.

REGINA: Now really. You’ve just controlled your powers all of “5 minutes” and you think you are the magical mastermind?

Regina starts walking. Emma follows and sidles up next to her.

EMMA: I was the Dark One! Those “5 minutes” felt like a freaking eternity with Gold in my head.

REGINA: I have been Magical for so long. I have performed spells you haven’t even heard of yet.

EMMA: But I’m the SAVIOR.

REGINA: (frowns at the ground in front of them) Your point?


REGINA: (appears as if she doesn’t want to argue anymore) Fine.

EMMA: You’re Robin. (twists her mouth in disgust) Which is just sad because that’s a STUPID name for a guy. (stomps forward a little)

REGINA: (sobers and grabs Emma’s elbow) Hey. Wait. (studies Emma, slowly smiles) You’re still jealous?

EMMA: What? No.

REGINA: (starts chuckling, slowly slips her hands around Emma’s waist) Aww, that’s cute.

EMMA: (grabs Regina’s shoulders) I’m not jealous!

REGINA: (pulls Emma closer, very close) Kiss me, stupid.

Their lips meet softly and quickly. Regina pulls away.

REGINA: You can be Batman.

EMMA: No. I’m not Batman because YOU say I’m Batman. I’m Batman BECAUSE I’m Batman.

REGINA: (now kissing down Emma jaw to the crook of her neck) Mmm-hmm. Yes, Darling.

EMMA: (whimpers, then straightens) No! I’m Batman! dammit. (stalks ahead)

REGINA: (unable to hide laughter) What? Emma! (carefully walks in heels through the forest, laughing) You’re missing a moment here.

Frequencies so low
Heart on a string
A string that only plays solos
Rain made of echoes
Tidal wave rushing on and on

Under the water you scream so loud but the silence surrounds you
But I hear it loud and you fall in the deep and I’ll always find you

If my red eyes don’t see you anymore
And I can’t hear you through the white noise
Just send your heartbeat I’ll go to the blue ocean floor
Where they find us no more
🎵On that blue ocean floor🎵

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and when you spread your arms it’s like waves and waves of affirmation and the quickness of my breathe shallows and I can finally see the shore.
never have I met someone who is vines and vines of curiosity, branches lifting me from the soil, letting me grow on my own but helping me on my way up.
it’s like you speak to the heavens and every word is a safe haven. I’m rocking on this patch of self discovery and you’re the anchor telling me it’s okay and that I’m safe.
without a doubt you have touched lives and lived beyond your 20 years, you allow the world to engulf you, yet you still can breathe. yet you can still hold onto me.
—  I think I’m falling in love again
Sherlock X Reader: Jealousy (nsfw)

My friend helped me write this so, thanks friend


“Hey there, beautiful” A man, around his late 30’s smirked, as he slid into the chair beside me. I sighed to myself, taking a sip of my drink. Sherlock, John and I were currently out on a case. We had a suspect, who worked in this bar so we decided to check him out. The suspect was a 22-year-old man with blue eyes, and dark shaggy hair. He was suspected for running a child pornography site, and the abduction of multiple children in London and surrounding areas.

“Hello?” He asked, waving his hand in front of my face.

“I can see you, I’m not blind” I said, reluctantly turning to face the older man. From across the room, I spotted Sherlock glaring at the man, while John was talking to the bar owner. I gave him a reassuring smile, making him smile back. Sherlock and I had been together around a year and a half, by now I figured out that Sherlock got extremely jealous.

“So, where are you from?” He said, resting his hand on the bar, beside mine. Noticing that, I discreetly moved my hand, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He did.

“Hey, no need to do that. I’m not going to hurt you.” He smiled, his rough hand grasping my own.

“Let go of my hand, please” I said, attempting to be nice. He did so, apologising if he made me uncomfortable.

“So, what is a beautiful girl like you, doing in a bar like this?” He asked, slowly edging towards me. I wasn’t sure if this was a subconscious move, or not.

“Drinking?” I said confused, as I signalled towards my drink.

“Well, I could take you out of here, and somewhere more interesting” He suggested, placing his hand on my thigh, slowly moving it up my leg.

“I have a boyfriend.” I said, removing his hand.

“And I have a driving test.” He said, laughing as a confused look made its way onto my face.

“What?” I questioned.

“Oh, I thought we were saying things we could cheat on” He winked.

“I don’t think so” A man’s voice, which I recognised to be Sherlock’s, said from behind me. Clear annoyance in his tone.

“Who are you?” The other man, whose name I did not know, asked.

“Her boyfriend.” Sherlock said, taking my hand and pulling me up from the chair, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Sorry man, I didn’t know” The man lied, holding his hand up in a surrendering manner.

“Yes, you did.” Sherlock stated flatly.

“She told you that she had a boyfriend, and made it clear she did not want your attention. You knew this from the beginning, as she attempted to ignore you, but you decided not to give up” He said.

“Look man I- “The man attempted to say, before being interrupted by Sherlock.

“I also know that you have a wife at home, who you regularly fight with, and cheat on. I know that you have multiple children with different women, which she does not know. You don’t have contact with any of those women or children, and ignore any attempts at communication. You are not in love with your wife, and attempt to sleep with any woman you deem attractive.” Sherlock deduced, smirking as the man became speechless.

“Good day” Sherlock smirked, before pulling us both out of the door, still annoyed.

Sherlock signalled a cab, giving him the address before sitting back and sighing to himself. He began tapping his finger against his leg, something he only ever did when he was extremely annoyed.

It only took a few moments before the cab arrived at Baker street. As soon as the cab stopped, Sherlock quickly paid, before quickly walking inside.

As soon as I walked into the flat, Sherlock walked over to me, backing me into against the wall and pressing his lips against mine. His arms subconsciously moved to either side of my head, as he deepened the kiss.

“Do you know how mad it made me, seeing his dirty hands on you? You’re mine to touch, nobody else’s” He muttered, as lips travelled down to my neck, occasionally nipping at my skin, causing a moan to leave my lips and my head to press back against the wall, making Sherlock smirk.

Sherlock’s hands made their way to my hips, swiftly spinning me around and pushing me against his bedroom door.

“You should get jealous more often” I said, a deep chuckle made its way from lips, as he pressed the handle of the door, causing it to open and him push us both into his room, kicking the door closed behind him.

His hands made their way to the hem of my shirt, quickly lifting it over my head and throwing it to the floor. Swiftly, I began to unbutton his shirt, and discard it somewhere on the floor.

It took around 7 seconds to reach the edge of the bed. Sherlocks hands were around my waist, and mine running along his back. Sherlocks hands pushed me onto his bed, him immediately crawling on top of me, his hands beside my chest. Within seconds his lips were back on mine, before slowly travelling back down to my neck. My nails dug into his back, leaving scratch marks, as he bit down onto my sweet spot. He knew this, and continued to do so, smirking to himself.

My hands ran down his back, and round his stomach until they reached his belt. My hands began to unbuckle his belt, as his hands ran down my stomach and grabbed something from the floor, as I removed his trousers.

Sherlock smirked, as he took hold of my wrists, quickly tying his scarf around them and placing them above my head.

“Leave them there” He smirked, his hands swiftly removing my trousers and throwing them somewhere on the ground. His hands then lifted my body slightly, so he could unclasp my bra and throw it onto the floor with our other clothes.

His hand began to slowly massage my breast, as I let out breathy moans. His finger glided along my nipple, before he attached his mouth, running his tongue along the top. It took everything, to stop my hands from running through his hair.

Sherlock pulled back, smirking before smashing his lips back onto mine, dragging his teeth along my bottom lip, making us both moan. His hands grabbed my tied hands, holding them above my head as he began to slowly kiss down my neck, sucking and biting, which was sure to leave a mark.

“You’re mine, you understand?” He smirks, kissing me as I smile and nod.

“Good” He said, his hands slowly travelling down my body to the black panties I had been wearing.

“See, mine.” He smirked, swiftly removing my panties and discarding them onto the floor, along with our other clothes.

He began planting slow, sloppy kisses down my thighs until finally reaching my, now exposed, area.

Sherlock smirked up at me, before gently running his tongue along my clit causing a loud moan to escape my lips. Sherlock began to gradually speed up, making a large knot form in my stomach. As I was about to orgasm, he quickly retracted his lips causing a large groan to leave my mouth.

Sherlocks hands quickly travelled up my body, as he pressed his lips back against my own. His hands took my wrists, as they began to make their way down towards him. He smirked as I began to pout, before untying me.

Immediately, my hands ran down his chest and towards his pants, before quickly removing them, leaving him bare, in between my legs.

“Desperate, are we?” He chuckled, the noise rebounding and causing a whimper to escape my mouth.

‘Are you expecting me to beg?’ I replied, as he said, desperately. This was getting harder and harder to endure. He paused for a moment.

‘Yes,” Sherlock smirked.

“Please, Sherlock, please. I need you!”

“If you insist” He said, his curls stuck to his forehead with the sweat from the heat of this moment. Short, erratic pants leaving his mouth, in sync with mine.  After he had enough of waiting and playing with my emotions, he connect his lips with mine, before slamming into me.

“Sherlock” I moaned, my pants becoming more shorter and more erratic with each pound.

Sherlocks hands ran down my body, as my nails ran along his back, leaving obvious marks.

My hands made their way into Sherlocks, now messy, hair while his continued to run down and along my body.

Sherlocks lips attatched themselves to my neck, leaving sloppy kisses as his movements gradually became quicker, both of us on edge.

“I’m gonna-” I moaned, my nails digging into his back as he turned to face me.

“I know” He said, connecting our lips again as we both came in sync.

“Are you okay?” Sherlock asked, as we gained our breath back. He took my wrists in his hand, checking if he had hurt me in anyway.

“I’m fine” I smiled, causing him to smile back.

“I love you” He muttered, burying his face in the crook of my neck.

“I love you too”

my favorite lyrics from every dear evan hansen song

anybody have a map?: “i’m kinda coming up empty, can’t find my way to you” // “’cause the scary truth is i’m flying blind and i’m making this up as i go” 

waving through a window: “give them no reason to stare, no slipping up if you slip away” // “on the outside, always looking in, will i ever be more than i’ve always been?” // “can anybody see? is anybody waving back at me?” // “when you’re falling in a forest, and there’s nobody around, do you ever really crash or even make a sound? did i even make a sound? it’s like i never made a sound, will i ever make a sound?”

for forever: “all we see is sky for forever, let the world pass by for forever, feels like we could go on for forever this way” // “and i see him coming to get me, he’s coming to get me, and everything’s okay”

sincerely, me: “kiNKY”

requiem: “cause when the villians fall, the kingdoms never weep” // “after all you put me through, don’t say it wasn’t true, cause you were not the monster that i knew”

if i could tell her: “but we’re a million worlds apart, and i don’t know how i would even start” // “but what do you do when there’s this great divide, and what do you do when the distance is too wide”

disappear: “If you never get around to doing some remarkable thing, that doesn’t mean that you’re not worth remembering” // “no one deserves to be forgotten, no one deserves to fade away” // “no one should flicker out or have any doubt that it matters that they aren’t here”

you will be found: “have you ever felt like you could disappear, like you could fall and no one would hear” // “maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay” // “even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you, when you’re broken and on the ground, you will be found” // “if you only say the word, across the silence, your voice is heard”

to break in a glove: “it takes a little patience, it takes a little time, a little perseverance, a little uphill climb” // “you do the hard thing, and that’s the right thing”

only us: “i don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you, i don’t need you to search for the proof that i should” // “and the rest of the world falls away” // “if you like me for me and nothing else, well, that’s all that i’ve wanted for longer that you could possibly know”

good for you: “are they giving you a world i could never provide” // “and you play who you need to play, and if somebody’s in your way, crush them and leave them behind” // “stop it, stop it, just let me out!” // “so you got what you always wanted”

words fail: “no, i’d rather pretend i’m something better than these broken parts, pretend I’m something other than this mess that i am, ‘cause then i don’t have to look at it” // “'cause what if everyone saw? what if everyone knew?would they like what they saw? or would they hate it too?” // “all i ever do is run, so how do i step in… step into the sun?”

so big/so small: “and i knew there would be moments that i’d miss, and i knew
there would be space i couldn’t fill, and i knew i’d come up short a million different ways, and i did, and i do, and i will” // “your mom isn’t going anywhere
your mom will stay right here, no matter what”

finale: because today, today at least you’re you and, that’s enough” // “all I see is sky for forever”


“Aren’t you excited?” Davina asked as she mulled over the stalls and picked up a sparkling ornament.

“Why it’s just a stupid holiday, besides I doubt we’ll do anything for it.” You sighed and Davina pouted.

“That’s just sad, I’m going to see Marcel and Josh.” She told you and you nodded.

“I know you made me tackle someone to get Marcel’s gift.” You rolled your eyes a swatted at a glass ball ball.

“Anyway, I should head back… see you soon.” Davina hugged you and ran off, waving as she hurried off with her many glossy bags weighing her down.

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“Water Lily”

Have I ever told you Liyu is a summoner type?
If you think about it like an RPG game, he doesn’t have strong water spell like tidal wave (he can’t even turn them to ice)
His true strength lies in his knowledge and bond with aquatic creatures and spirits~ Which, makes him very versatile in different situations. But it does require water as a catalyst, and he requires large bodies of water for stronger magic.

You’ll see more of him in action ;)

and also! Please support me on patreon:! I will be sharing the steps from sketch to completed version