The Rare Bird

Continuing on today’s adventure, we headed down Piedmont Ave. to the next page, The Rare Bird! 

One of the first things The Rare Bird has to offer is the lovely display windows they have facing you as you enter. Flirtatious and charming, they pull you in to see what else this gem of a store has to offer! 

There are many things to see, so allow yourself some time to take a proper look! Even things you think are just on display are actually for sale! We purchased an item along those lines ;) and you can also find many local designers and artists selling their work.

Here you can purchase handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, records, cacti and so much more! It was hard for me to choose which to go for, but we ended up getting the cutest Tillandsia or “air plant” in a lovely mountain crystal deposit. They are gorgeous and elegant plus they are quite independent, requiring only a run through the sink and air dry every two weeks! 

I will definitely be visiting again to see what new pieces they have and maybe even spot some things I missed during this visit! 

You can find The Rare Bird in person at: 3883 Piedmont Ave, Oakland

or Digitally at: and

See you again soon!! 

Women’s vintage tops

These patterns!!!!

Men’s vintage, with some really fun Tillandsia holders animal style! 

Bathroom pampering essentials (this section smells amazing!)

More amazing patterns in Women’s skirts

Just some of the amazing jewelry pieces

Happy happy! Going home with yet another plant! 

Our beautiful new plant! Placed in a black crystal deposit now residing on our bookshelf :)

Until next page!