7 Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness

It’s Therapy Thursday! Time to treat your body for the hard work it does throughout the week! Here is an article from with ideas on how to relieve muscle soreness!

Don’t let a stiff back keep you from your daily routine. Nourish your body back to health with these seven tips. Click the link for more info!

Therapy Thursday, March 12

By Alex Paul

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to reward yourself and your body for the hard work it performs throughout the week! 

This Thursday we are focusing on those pesky hamstrings, which always seem to be tight. We have mapped out 6 different ways to lengthen and stretch those muscles on the back of your legs, to increase overall flexibility, and to rejuvenate the muscles after an intense workout. 

The stretches are of varying intensities, and always feel free to modify any in order to get the maximum stretch out of your own body. And, make sure to be properly warmed up before doing these stretches because stretching on cold muscles could lead to injury. 

Happy Stretching!

xo, Alex

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