therapy trolling

That changed when a ship called the Mayflower set off from Plymouth, England, on September 6, 1620, carrying an official list of one hundred thirty passengers. Human passengers, that is.

If Blinky’s knowledge if troll history is true (which it probably is, because it’s Blinky), then the city where I go to every day would have been swarming with trolls three-hundred-and-ninety-seven years ago.

I lost my mind when I saw the Mayflower get mentioned on the show, and then lost it even more when they mentioned Plymouth by name in the book.

I decided to follow in their footsteps.

That’s Plymouth. That’s the Barbican. That’s the Mayflower Steps. That’s where they were. I thought it’d be helpful for people to actually know what the place looks like if they needed to, and I wanted to satisfy my own obsession…
Therapy trolling

I mentioned therapy trolling earlier but here is the extended discussion and explanation of the topic.

To condense it a little a therapy troll will generally only express “concern” for your mental well being as a way to delegitimize you or somehow place themselves in a superior position, and if someone does that to you I would seriously evaluate whether such a person is someone worth dialoging with

This is one of the most common types of trolling within the metaphysical community at large; especially so in subsets such as the godspouse tags, the otherkin tags, and candid/open astral and spirit workers who write extensively on their topics of choice.