therapy that is helpful to ailments

2PM  You're Sick

How they take care of you when you’re not feeling well.

Jun.K – He’s going to be very, very sweet to you. He will dote on you and make sure you have everything you need. Minjun’s going to be sympathetic and make pouty faces, but he’s not making fun, he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. He’d just feel bad for you and hates to see you sick. Getting Denver and Noopy to curl up beside you for some dog therapy he’d want you to rest as much as possible. He’d work while you were zonked out but check on you frequently and make sure you drank plenty of fluids.

Nichkhun – Khun is going to get you all tucked in and comfy. No matter what your ailment, he knows what will help. He’d call his mom and get the recipe for her Tom Kha Gai soup because it is a magical cure all. Not a whiz in the kitchen he nevertheless has some skill and whipped up a batch while you’re sleeping. Checking on you frequently, once he sees you’re awake he’d smile softly and come in to ask how you feel. He’d prop you up in bed and then bring in the soup for you on a tray, probably with something like a flower on it as well to cheer you up.

Taecyeon – This man is going to have a methodical approach. Of course he’ll be concerned, but he’d keep a level head. He’s not going to blow things out of proportion and make it worse than it needs to be. Very warm-hearted and kind he’d be compassionate towards you but he’s going to be focused on treating your symptoms. Taec doesn’t like seeing you unwell so he’s going to set emotions aside and ‘fix’ you as best he can. And if you have symptoms that concern him or he’s unsure how to handle he’d Google it but not get distracted by all the exotic and unlikely things it could be. He’s not one to be led down that rabbit trail.

Wooyoung – Is one to be led down that rabbit trail. Wooyoung is a worrier. Hating to see you in any sort of distress he’s going to Google your symptoms to make sure he’s not overlooking something serious. Honestly you could have a migraine and he’s going to convince himself you have a brain tumor. He’d ask you questions about how you’re feeling and play armchair doctor. Unfortunately he’d be so immersed in researching what you could have you’d have to prompt him to get you things you needed like medicine or a cool washcloth. His intentions are good, he’s just quietly freaking himself out in the corner over there.

Junho – Might seem a little detached but he’s just concerned and internalizing those emotions. He’s not panicking but he’d make a run to the store and clear out their pharmacy section to get anything you could possibly need. At home he’d organize all the medications by symptom and then ask what you needed. After dosing you up he’d pop a movie in and rub your feet while you laid there and let the medicine do it’s job. He’d be very solicitous and take care of your every request. Of course you’d know he was worried, but his expression wouldn’t show it unless you were sleeping.

Chansung – He’s very intuitive of what people need and quite good at looking after them, since he has been the maknae all these years. He’d be at your side, calmly and coolly taking care of everything you needed before you even realized you needed it. He’d fuss at you to sleep even if you didn’t want to, because he knows that’s the best thing you can do for yourself. If you asked him, he’d read to you, his voice and presence making you feel better as you drifted off.