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Soooo, today was my first session of therapy that I’ve had since like 2 years ago. And it was nice. Like I’m glad I went and it’s something I’m starting again, but I’m definitely feeling very triggered. I’ve been feeling very triggered all day. And now I’m trying not to cry at McDonalds but like…..fat girl aesthetic so???? I’m just very emotionally drained. I’ve been thinking about things I don’t usually think about and now that I’m forcing myself to deal with it, it’s just like

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But it’ll be ok. I’ll be ok.

tfw you get everything you asked for + then some at your annual iep review meeting :) :) :) we went in prepared to knuckle up + the board of ed administrator was so agreeable, i think i’ll send him a thank you note bc it was such a shockingly chill experience!

percy is moving up to what he calls a big kid class (meaning less restrictive, 12 kids instead of 8, more stations/stimulation, more open play, classmates w/more advanced verbal + social skills), gets his very own transitional teacher’s aide for up to three months after the classroom switch, + is keeping all his regular services: 2 individual + 1 small group sessions w/a speech therapist, 3 occupational therapy sessions, + 2 physical therapy sessions a week. plus now he will have 2 play therapy sessions a week w/the school psychologist to help with hitting + separation anxiety which i didn’t even know was an option! 

and he sat through the meeting so well + even said bye to the administrator! at last year’s meeting he was literally ripping the phones out of the wall, trying to run out of the door, + crying the whole time. i took him out for pink sprinkle donuts afterwards (his favorite), i am so proud of him. it’s not often that anything having to do w/his school makes me feel good so i’m relishing this moment

Fic Update: Notes Chapter Thirteen

Thanks for the response to the last chapter. Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or its characters. TW for bullying and child abuse. Hope you all enjoy :)

“Do you want me to stay while you go in?” Granny asks as she pulls up outside the therapist’s building. Regina shuffles awkwardly as she looks up at the building. She has no idea what this will be like. All she knows is that the courts want her to attend this therapy session. Her mother will attend one and so will her sister too and somewhere within all their stories the therapist will have to decide the truth.

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Today exploring a new city with my petite faves (I’m the tall one haha)
So much fun!

I cant drive, since the accident and I have multiple doctor appointments & therapy sessions in my hometown these next few days.

So my sister (in the pink) met my dad at the half way point between our two cities!

Rather than just meeting him and driving back home, she and Amy came along and we spent half the day exploring the city and going to Museums :)

It was a blast!

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Do you know what part of Africa your family is from?

no. and I’m not paying for it either. that should be included in my family’s repetitions package including my government-funded therapy sessions.

Therapy Sessions// Teddy&Dom

Teddy walked quickly and with purpose toward the Quidditch Pitch, ignoring the people who called out to him offering their greetings, he didn’t have time to waste on them today. He’d seen her from a far high up in the sky and knew she’d be the perfect person to talk to after their little chat the other day. She wasn’t too close to him that they were best friends, but they were close enough and from what he had experienced she wouldn’t judge him, even if the reason he came to talk to her was closely related to her. 

He entered the pitch to see she was already in the air, performing various dives and loops she seemed happy which was something that made Teddy smile, but he needed her help and if he didn’t tell someone he might burst.


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Thank u for informing me more about social anxiety. But I know a lot of psychiatrists just give you a paper to bubble in answers to 10 questions and then diagnose you :/// idk but that's what I've heard here (the U.S.) but I really do appreciate you going into depth-ish it was really helpful

thanks, I’m happy to help! I’m not too sure how it works in america, but I do know that here GP’s and psychologists/psychiatrists do intermittently (usually only at the beginning of therapy or when your referral is renewed or if you’ve missed a lot of sessions/been absent from therapy for a while) get you to fill out of a questionnaire where you rate your levels of stress, anxiety and depressive moods. they do this to gauge where you’re at mood-wise, which helps them get a clearer picture of what you’re feeling and what kind of treatment plan to put in place or if you need immediate intervention if you’re very distressed or suicidal, but they certainly don’t diagnose you or engage with you based solely on that questionnaire. I think most in psychology understand that self-reporting via surveys or question sheets has its own shortfalls that shouldn’t be solely relied on for a diagnosis or accurate picture of what someone is going through. 

I think I’m going to go talk to one of the therapists on campus tomorrow, since I get six free sessions. I need help because I’m just getting worse, but I’m too embarrassed to look at my parents straight in the face and tell them that I am depressed. I don’t know if they’ll understand, and it would break their hearts to know that I’m trying to hard to make Suicide Awareness known because not only do I think it’s important, but because I try to talk myself out of committing suicide every day. I’m at a breaking point, I need help.

Crime and Punishment|| Therapy Session- Dr. Lloyd

Blaze slowly made his way out of his room, dreading each step that brought him closer to Dr. Lloyd’s office. He had done his fair share of shit, but this was the first time he was going to get punished for it. Shivers of panic ran down his spine. He couldn’t escape the feeling of the electricity being jolted into his system, over and over again, snaking through his nerves and setting his body on fire from the inside out. He wasn’t sure he could go through that again. The seizures he had the days after that had kept him awake every time he had gotten remotely close to falling asleep.

And now he was being accused of stealing? Harmony had offered him her melatonin, and Lily slipped him her sleeping pills whenever she could, but he hadn’t ever stolen them from anybody. And he was totally guilty of helping Blane, and not sure that he could talk his way out of that one. But what would they do to him? Lock him up like Blaine? Drug him like Lillian? Something worse? He didn’t get it, it was just like Cass had said earlier. Sometimes he felt like he honestly didn’t belong in here. Biting his lip, he knocked on the door and walked into the office, sitting slowly in a chair in front of Dr. Lloyd’s desk.