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Published! // Wellesley Magazine Fall 2013 Issue

This tear has a special story, and goes way back to when I was covering the Boston Marathon Bombings and the days following it in April. On the 15th and the days following, I made trips back to the site in order to document everything going on. As a photographer, these were some of my most memorable days so far. Seeing how people banded together was inspiring. On my 3rd or 4th day there, noticed all of these dogs with red bandanas and their owners at the makeshift memorial that had been set up on Boylston St. I patted a few of the dogs and took some photos without really saying much. While photographing Luna and Constance at work, I exchanged a few words with Constance, and then we got to talking. She was super nice and we exchanged business cards so I could send over a link to the photos once I got home and uploaded them. Constance and her Therapy Dogs International friends really appreciated the photos of the dogs and owners at work, which I was very glad about.

Constance later emailed me to let me know that her cousin, Reeve Lindbergh (author and daughter of Charles Lindbergh), would be holding a book signing at the Chestnut Hill Mall, which would also feature some of the members (canine and human) of TDI. “She has decided, from seeing your pictures, to give all her profits to Therapy Dogs International.” When I saw that line in her email, I was beyond excited that my photos were doing some good. I went to the signing, and had a nice time photographing them at work.

Even further down the road (around a month and a half ago), this started to happen. Wellesley is Constance’s alma mater, and they wanted to run a  "Campus Wags" feature. This is the result. Very proud to call this my first printed full page spread. Constance and Luna are great, and I can’t wait to see them again soon.


If you live in Southern California, I am holding classes on USC’s campus every weekend to prep dog owners to pass their therapy dog evaluations. 

If you want to pass the AKC CGC, Pet Partners, or Therapy Dogs International evaluation, email me.

Javi says, “Come join me as a working therapy dog :]”!