therapy art lol

A little therapy art.

Yesterday, I submitted an ask to @lampblackcity as my character, Kitty Cat, but didn’t realize that the blog wasn’t for roleplay and was caught off guard by this response (which is honestly pretty funny, btw):

I was upset that I didn’t read the rules before asking, so I had a nervous breakdown.  I’ll also admit that I had a series of up-and-down moments earlier on, so that kinda added to the emotional anxiety.  But after having a heart-to-heart with the mod, I started feeling a little better, though not fully.  And so, I decided to make some fanart of Lampblack City Bendy giving some motivational pep talk.  Hope you don’t mind, Hazard, but I needed this.

Be sure to check her out, both on @lampblackcity and @hazardgirl-art-blog‘cause she’s got really good artwork.  (My favorite is her animation of Bendy and Boris singing “Side by Side,” an audio recording done by @tablewithamicrophone).  :)

Feel free to reblog, if you wish.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks.  :)

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly
Lampblack City Bendy © @hazardgirl-art-blog
Artwork © JordantheCat11

Eyyy, guess who finally pulled their life together for once? Since I’ve been in a good mood lately, I’ve been doodling frequently and happened to change my style. Drew grew out his hair, so now he decided to show his age lol. Just a few practice sketches of mine, hopefully I can incorporate my new style into asks!

(ft. some of my favorite engies ^-^ @ask-pnk-engie @ask-engiepoop @ask-ex-engineer )

feels great to be back!