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I read your ask/reply about mistaking meltdowns for anxiety attacks, and it's something that I think I've been doing too. For me, if I get stressed or overwhelmed I start crying, need to cover my eyes, feel like everything I touch is going to cause me pain, and I feel like I'm either about to explode out of my skin or that I'm stuck inside. Does this sound like a meltdown? How do I talk to my therapist about this?

This sounds like sensory overload to me which can often lead to meltdowns/shutdowns. Since crying is involved, it could be a meltdown, but this sounds like almost exactly how I experience sensory overload.

I would suggest reading up on sensory overload to get a better understanding of it and how it can present before talking to your therapist. (you can read through our #sensory overload tag or check out our resources page for more info). This will help give you the words to explain your experience. I would explain my experience as follows:

“Sometimes, everything becomes too loud, too bright, and too much. Everything that touches me hurts and I want to rip my skin off. There’s this horrible energy in my chest that makes me feel like I’m going to explode. From what I’ve read, I think this experience might be sensory overload.”

I hope this helps!


Reblog if you like your therapist

like, I’ve seen to much hate on therapists and therapy now. I can’t be the only one that likes my therapist

Therapist: You have to learn to walk the middle path
Me, a borderline: is that the one to the left or the right?

  • Me the day before therapy: Holy shit there's so much I need to tell my therapist, about, my week has literally been soo weird and I found out like everything about myself!
  • Me 5 mins before therapy: Wtf what happened last week omg okay just calm down and see if you can remember anything. At all!
  • Me in therapy: No, nothing special happened, I don't even remember most of it because it was just the same as every week haha.
The following things might be sideffects of watching GYPSY ...

- you might want to see a therapist
- next time u go grab a coffee, check the barista out
- anyone with a British accent will be automatically 10000 times hotter
- glasses, tattoos, the smell of coffee, leather jacket, smokey eyes, anonymity, cigarettes, red dresses are turn ons
- want to live in NYC duh
- smoke weed (Blue Dreams)
- drink bourbon & coffee (or Chardonnay or Fireball shots)
- next destination MARFA
- either want your own Jean or Sidney
(Side Note: yes you do. like both with each other but for yourself it can only be one/ for me SID all the way)
- I actually really want to learn about being a barista
- start an affair and pretend to be somebody else
- become a good/bad liar
- I forgot that platform boots and office attire will become turns on’s as well
- get Chance by Chanel
- check out Bars with live bands on Friday nights
- listen to ‘GIRLS’ by the Internet & ‘MONSTERS’ by A K U A on repeat
- say fuck whenever you please as any reaction
- play hard to get
- hire Alexis as your Assistent
- feel anxious for dolly
- feel bad about rather thinking of solving the ending than be sad about Allison
(Poor girl pls help friends that you know are in need!)
- BE IN DESPERATE NEED OF A SEASON 2 (so Lisa if you read this I NEED YOU!!!!) 🙌🏻