Happy birthday to our Co-founder Misha Collins! We hope that your day is filled with kindness and unexpected surprises. 

If you’d like to do something to celebrate our fearless Co-Founder’s birthday, we hope you’ll perform a random act of kindness or two (or four or ten or even forty). Being kind is always the perfect gift.

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So I can’t be bothered to actually find the Tumblr post I made ages ago, but I made this video a long while back and if you guys wanted to use it to maybe post on Facebook or reblog for your followers and do a last minute spread-the-word just to get that last crowd a bit more informed, feel free.

Just a quick video on what Random Acts does and how Misha is connected with them and what we want to do tomorrow.


I made a short video documenting my 2014 AMOK project. Check it out and enjoy!