So! The Ragged Witch is hosting a contest about Loki, so I decided to bring out my old sketch and finish inking him in. I’m hoping to add some colour, or at least good textures to this, over the course of July.

This shading is a B**** though. >.>

His tattoos are meant to signify his children. Jormungand is like a ‘belt’, although he has released his tail, signifying chaos and eventual ruin. Fenrir has the bloody foam river pouring from his mouth, and depending on your viewpoint, is either bound still (his tail,) or freed completely. And I could not draw a good skull to save my life, so the black and white crosshatch is for dear Hela, signifying death traversing all roads, left and right, and the bindings of it (the stuff between the 'arrows’).

My soaps came today!!! The one on the left (in the picture) is the Hel soap–I got that one for me. The one on the right is Thor, which I got to give to a friend (she’s just starting out with worship of the Norse pantheon, but the first strong response she got was from Thor, so that’s the soap I went with lol). I got a surprise, too! It looks like the…*goes to check store listings* gah! It’s not there! Uhm, I think at one point I saw something about a mint-and-something lip balm or somesuch? It smells like that so yea. It was in the package, too even though I didn’t order it! I’m really super excited and happy and YAY! MY SOAP CAME!!! :D

*buried in soap*

Came home to two packages of soaps today. I am a happy witch.

First, I got my order of Thor soap from theraggedwitch. I actually squealed over the dragon design on the bar. It’s so gorgeous, I’ll have to use to the flat side on the washcloth so it stays as long as possible. And oh, it smells WONDERFUL. Like oats and good beer with that rainy ozone finish. YUM!

Second, I got a bag o’ samples from agoodpaganwife. Carly. Carly, what did you do!? *laughs* There are two Breakfast At Carly’s things that look like candy and smell like…somebody take this away from me before I eat it. There’s a green tart that smells very pleasantly of sage without that smoky sharpness that I find off-putting in most products. There are also some goat’s-milk bars, and one entitled Clean Linen that I just sat there inhaling for five minutes. Mmmmm, line-dried clothes. I almost want to wash my LARP skirt in it (the skirt requires hand-washing and it’s kind of a process) as well as my skin because it smells so good.

Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I need to roll in some soaps. *kittyflop*

Okay, I have a problem in that my scanner is too small to scan in the finished picture of Loki, and with my computers being down, I can’t really take a picture of it (although I’m going to try,) so yeah. I might end up having to make this the picture I send in to theraggedwitch, even though it’s far from finished. :( Hopefully people will still like it. <3