Good Glorious Morning friends!!! I appreciate all of you and I’m thrilled that this once shy gal stopped believing in the lies of the past to be FREE to INSPIRE you all to BE the BADASS you are!!! I’m feeling pure GRATITUDE this morning… after a great walk complete with view of the stunning turquoise ocean and fresh breeze blowin my face… now I’m enjoying my fresh tropical breakfast {well maybe it’s lunch already} listening to Classic Rock on Pandora with my amazing {and ahead of his years} son. Fascinating that he LOVES the very same rock that I listened to at his age. Special memories being created this very MOMENT in time… and I’m grateful to be the badass MOMpreneur I am working from my MacBook Pro and my iPhone {yes I’ve gotta give a shameless plug to the most badass company evah… Apple… the very one that let me loose almost 20 years ago and inspired my desire to be an entrepreneur}. And even though my kiddos don’t know any different cuz they’ve always had me home with them they tell me all the time how awesome it is!!! Ok this turned in a different direction but I’ve gotta go with it and share when it’s inspired through me. You can do it too my friends!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! #theradicalroldans #happierfamilylife #beinspired #motivation #livethelifeyouwant (at La Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico)

I’m reading this morning and it inspired me to share this with you my friends… It doesn’t matter what you’ve been believing about yourself or where you’ve come from or how you grew up or what you have or haven’t learned so far or what so called disability or condition you’ve been told you have or even who you thought you were yesterday… YOU abSOULutely can be free of any and all thoughts + feelings + beliefs that are not in alignment with WHO you want to BE… and blossom into BEING the greatest version of YOU more and more everyday on this glorious adventure of life. However it doesn’t happen overnight just because you wish it so… there is a Divine science and order to the process… so get ready cuz the Radical Roldáns are putting together a very radical video series revealing ALL our secrets to how we’ve been creating + LIVING Happier + Richer + Freer for 20 years!!! Stay tuned we’ll be telling you shortly how you can get access to it… #theradicalroldans #happierfamilylife #beinspired #motivation #inspirationinaction

It is inherent in the constitution of the cosmos that all things shall always be working for your greatest good.

Do not wait for an opportunity to be ALL that you want to be; when an opportunity to be MORE than you are now is presented and you feel impelled toward it… take it!

It will be the FIRST STEP toward a greater opportunity!
~ Wallace Wattles 💗😊✌#theradicalroldans #happierfamilylife #beinspired #motivation #inspirationinaction #liveyourdream

Brilliant little red book I picked up at Starbucks during one of our adventures… found it tucked away today… so cool to be experiencing today what I wrote and visioned about a year ago! Never under estimate the power of your dreams + desires placed into your vision and the Universal mind. I’ve experienced this time and time again for the past 15 years. Remember what’s important is to then make daily decisions and take action that is in {ALIGNMENT} with those dreams + desires + visions. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and you want help to accomplish this go to #liveyourdreams #theradicalroldans #badassmompreneurs #myliferocks #mompreneursmakingmoney

What you feed your body has direct connection to the clarity of your mind and the depth of your soul… fill yourself with power packed nutrient dense clean and lean healthy food… trust me the body doesn’t need as much food as you think… sautéed red peppers + sweet onions + portabella mushrooms + broccoli + cauliflower + cabbage topped with avocado #theradicalroldans #simplySOULkandy #vegan

As Jivani says… the cuteness levels are over 9000!!! The kitties ~ Cupcake + Little G + Killer ~ have grown so much in only 3 days… they are eating watery soft food great and thank God all 3 left their mark on the litter box… this week we’ll find em their new home… gonna miss their adorableness #theradicalroldans #kittyrescue #toocute #lifeshenanigans (at Ceiba, Puerto Rico)

Kola Champagne… this fizzy fun in a can is so devilously DELISH… and mixed with a shot of espresso and some sirop de coco… OH my… I call it a Black Dirty Kola… if you visit to #puertorico you’ve got to try it… not like any kind of cola you’ve ever tasted. #elsabordepuertorico #theradicalroldans #happierfamilylife #motivation #beinspired #mompreneursmakingmoney

My heart says don’t take any natural treasures from the beach… and my head says they’re really awesome momentos I’ll treasure forever… my head won this time. These are some tiny beauties we brought home with us. #theradicalroldans #happierfamilylife #mompreneursmakingmoney#mompreneur #mombloggers #puertorico #beach #beachlife #instaeffects (at Balneario Siete Mares - Fajardo, Puerto Rico)

Happening NOW… Jivani did some EPIC skateboarding this past week in some awe inspiring amazing places…

And we thought this photo really represents
what’s about to be unleashed for all of us with
blogging and marketing businesses!!!

This is a VERY big week.

In a few short weeks the “Blog Beast” will

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We’ll see you on :-) #theradicalroldans #happierfamilylife #beinspired #motivation #livethelifeyouwant

Que linda las vacas. They are not food they are friends and part of our global family. And they share so much wisdom without speaking any words… if only we listen. #theradicalroldans #happierfamilylife #beinspired #livethelifeyouwant #travelblog #photoblog #loveanimals #picoftheday #photooftheday #puertorico #islandlife (at Ceiba, Puerto Rico)

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