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are there queer relationships in black sails? because then i might consider watching it

oh boy ARE THER- listen almost no one (in the main cast) is straight in this show. ok more than half is canonically not straight. as in they are all at some point in a relationship with a person of the same sex. in canon. and those relationships dont end in tragedy! how crazy is that?! it’s wild. and beautiful. so… yeah there are queer relationships in black sails mhm you should def watch it. and not only for that, but for it’s unbelievably incredible writing, great character/relationship developments, and truly stellar acting. im not kidding, there is very little wrong with this show, as opposed to the majority of other shows today. they did good here, give it a try

They Survived, Didn’t They?

Title: They Survived, Didn’t They?

 Summary: Dwalin needs to do something, to prove something to himself.  And this is the only way…

 Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Crying. Pranks. Fluff.

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He could do this. He had faced worse, more deadly and daring challenges, then he could do this…right?  Dwalin steeled his nerves as he said goodbye to his wife this morning, kissing her sweetly as she said goodbye, heading out to help Oin and the other healers with those that were wounded in the mine collapse.

It left him all alone in their simple home in Ered Luin, well, alone for about an hour.  He had all day to do this, which was good. He didn’t want his wife to find out…

Dwalin paced as he waited anxiously.  She should be here by now!  He had a schedule to keep, and she was wrecking it.  Dwalin was already nervous, he hadn’t done anything like this before. What if he—knocking on the door. She was here.  He pulled at his shirt as he reached the door, taking a deep breath before opening it.  He could do this.  He needed to do this.

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Spin the bottle
  • (The ladies of the school staff usually gather together in a spot of the cafeteria, taking a break and chat.)
  • Edith: (just arrive with a empty ketchup) Can you belive this? The kids where playing spin the bottle again...
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Oooh...
  • Nurse Offstill: Then ther would be "some boys" pretending to dying... (she chuckled)
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Hey... (she took the bottle) We have thirty minutes. How about if we play a little?
  • Edith: What?
  • Nurse Offstill: We are not kids, Lou... This is--(then Lou spins the bottle)--- Oh come on... (It pointed at her)
  • Groundskeeper Lou: (smiled slyly) So? Truth or dare?
  • Nurse Offstill: Huh... Truth?
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Ok ok... If you could send someone to Mars, and I mean an only one way travel, who would be?
  • Nurse Offstill: My mother.
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Can mine join in too? (The three laughed)
  • Nurse Offstill: Ahaha... This is actually fun. My turn!(she spins the bottle... It pointed at Geroge Bearb who was walking by with his friend.) I'll spin again...
  • Harold: It that the bottle game?
  • George: No, no... I wanna play too! I choose dare!
  • Nurse Offstill: Ok... I dare you to not laugh for a whole minute.
  • Groundskeeper Lou: (chromotizing her watch) Starting now!
  • (MEanwhile, Mr. Krupp start to hear some laughing coming from the cafeteria. He knew that the source os this sound would be the two pranskters, so he went straight to the door.)
  • (George was almost loose it, Harold was tellig him to not give up)
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Three... Two... One... You win!
  • George: (the grouchy face he was making was gone and he exploded of giggles) Oh man... Being serious is so hard!(he then reached to the bottle of the table and spin it. It was now pointing at the groundskeeper.)
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Ok, George. I say dare.
  • George: (Harold whispered an idea to his ear and the both smiled widely) Groundskeeper Lou, this is the dare: show us what's under your cap!
  • Harold: And that includes untie the braid.
  • (*Inserting The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme* The woman slowly get up of the chair. That presence made many of the students pay attantion. They saw the woman's fingers removing the ponytail holder, letting the gravity drop the purple thingy to the table, bouncing once. And when she removed the green hat... It was like a shiny bay explosion that was turning into a sea. The hair was long and with curls, the shake of the head made it look like a shampoo ad; it finally got down making the groundskeeper like another woman.)
  • Edith: Oh my gosh... What a mane!
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Yeah, I know. (she noticied that George and Harold, also every kid, and even some teachers where starring at her with the jaws drop) Shut the mouths people, or the flys will get inside. (many of them did it. Then, when she spin the bottle...) And now the bottle says its...(it stopped) Edith!
  • Edith: Oh... Hu... Ok... Huh... Truth?
  • (Krupp see the three woman having fun with the kids and walked to end it, about to talk at a long haired woman's back... But)
  • Groundskeeper Lou: Have you or do you plan to kiss Mr. Krupp?
  • (A slow "ooooooooooohhhhhhh" filled the cafeteria. The pricipal was frozen, and Edith started to blush; she could see the face of the men she loved.)
  • Edith: Huh... (she was about to say it...) I... Hu... (an eye movement made the hint that there was smeone behind.
  • (The women get up as they saw the principal.)
  • Nurse Offstill: I think there's a sick boy in my office... (she leaves fast)(the kids was leaving too)
  • Mr. Krupp: (his stuned face moved at the groundskeeper... Who didn't seems like he reconise her) Who are you?
  • Groundskeeper Lou: (high pitched voice) Con permiso... (she ran off)

OK SO i thought i drew killua like all the time but APPARENTLY thats not the case.
… maybe its more in my notes or on whiteboards. i draw alot of killuas there. or anywhere. suprise killuas. sneaky killuas. ALOT OF KILLUAS. 
damn im sorry youve been missing out tho, like take this ponytail killu that was recently doodled as compensation. 

ther he is. dat boi. 

My Weakness (Bad Boy Luke)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2.1K

As you guys know I have been ridiculously busy, but I finally got this out there! Definetly not my best work, but it got me out of my writer’s block! Hope you enjoy, feedback is my fave so message me if you liked it!

calum // ashton // michael

“Oi, you’re gonna kill him mate that’s enough! I said that’s enough,” Jeremy’s voice was stern as he pulled the boy up off the ground, shoving him back into the group surrounding him. I groaned, trying to keep myself from hurling on the sidewalk, which was swimming violently below me. I wasn’t used to this position; I hardly ever fell in a fight. I tried to keep my eyes off the sneaker poking out from behind the tree behind the horde of boys, but I couldn’t. I knew Y/N was back there, waiting. Knowing her she would have been out here ten minutes ago; she’d tried to interfere as soon as she heard them yelling, but I’d shook my head at her as discretely as I could and she’d scurried behind the tree to wait it out.

“Let’s go guys, before somebody finds him,” one of the boys perked up from the back of the group. He was a follower for sure, a newer member who had only gotten a few kicks in to my ribs before getting pushed back. They weren’t hard kicks, and I could tell he didn’t really want to be there. I closed my eyes when they punched him hard in the jaw, laughing as he stumbled away, following him and finally leaving me alone, yelling over their shoulders “Whose so tough now big boy? Serves you right Hemmings.”

I waited until they were out of earshot before coughing up the blood that was pooling in my mouth, unsure of which blow had caused it. My muscles relaxed involuntarily when I felt her hand on my back, rubbing gently.

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Turn me out (Trixya) - TheDane

A/N: Hey everyone! Dane here.
It’s been forever since I last submitted something, but you guys might remember me for my AAG fics. Right now I’m mostly working on a piece called Galactica that I publish over on my sideblog (TheartificialDane)

This is a short Trixya drabble, that turned out sadder than expected, to celebrate the /amazing/ new Trixya photos that the shipping gods have blessed us with! Hope you’ll enjoy, and please remember that requests are always welcome! ❤️

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its really really comforting to know that the crystal gems are all nonbinary but like. i wish that that would be explicitly addressed in the show. in like an episode-long gender discussion. like i can see steven being like “yeah thers boys and theres girls” and pearl being like “thats absurd!” and going on some spiel about how varied gender can be and about how shes nb and then amethyst and garnet can join in. this kind of thing would really help to introduce young kids to the idea of gender exploration and identity as well as to not pull a jk rowling with mogai/lgbtq+ representation and would also stop the harmful othering stereotype that being nb is something exclusive to aliens