thequipkid thinks

You need to lay off Scott McCall if...
  • You think that he deserves punishment or retribution for treating Derek in a way similar to how Derek treated him in season 1
  • You call him a potato or use any other kind of ableist language to describe his intelligence
  • The things you get on his case for are things that you don’t rag on other characters for doing
  • You seriously don’t think that he’s the main protagonist of Teen Wolf or that Stiles/Derek/Peter would be a better focus
  • When people mention how society’s history of racism ties into Scott being shat on by most of fandom, you go “i’m not racist/i don’t have to be racist to dislike Scott” but then list reasons that you’d never use to tear down a white character in the same show
  • You have more sympathy for Peter Hale (niece murderer) than you do Scott (baby werewolf)
  • You feel like Scott is shaping up to be a serious murderous villain worse than Peter (despite not killing anyone in 2.5 seasons)…
  • At the same time you use Peter’s quote about Scott being morally bland to make fun of him/talk about why you prefer “morally gray” characters like Derek/Stiles/Peter (two of whom are actual murderers so…)
  • You tear Scott (and Scott fans) a new hole for his behavior but react negatively when anyone points out Stiles behaving badly on the show (or you make excuses based on Stiles being “just a kid that’s gone through a lot of stuff”).


Fandom needs to cool it with the Scott hate. The majority of the vitriol posted doesn’t even have anything to do with the show itself as though people aren’t watching the actual episodes but are instead muting the TV and making up their own plot.

If you honestly think that there’s no way that loads of hate that Scott and Tyler Posey receives isn’t a) unwarranted and b) highly dependent on how POC in fandom are treated even when they’re fictional characters, you need to sit and think about your behavior. 

Because there’s a difference between being critical of a character and being hypocritical about a character and I honestly don’t think that the Teen Wolf fandom knows the difference when it concerns Scott.

Can people just stop saying stuff like “If you don’t like fandom, you should just leave”?

I mean, they won’t stop saying it, but it’d be nice not to have that as the only option. I’m so tired of people in fandom tags saying that at the slightest bit of actual criticism because it’s not very nice and it certainly doesn’t show that you care about whatever issue the person criticizing has.

Instead of making fandom better or safer for people or working with creators to make the source media more accessible and less problematic, the thing people go to is “why don’t you leave”.

Well why don’t you if criticism and disappointment with the narrative is something that trips your hater button?

I’m not saying that every single critique of fandom or its source media isn’t problematic or mean or just plain wrong, but more times than not, instead of wondering why fandom has people being upset or why people are calling out fannish people or show cast/creators for bad behavior, people essentially tell them to get out.

Apparently, fandom isn’t for people whose favorite things are often disappointing… We’re supposed to get out or stop reading/watching/interacting because instead of acknowledging issues in their fandom or source material, people want to push them under the rug.

Because the sanctity of the show/fandom is more important than other people’s feelings? And it’s so easy to drop something you’ve been tied to for a long time even if said thing is very problematic or just plain bad?


(And like if you want to delete because of fandom, delete. I hate that it’s not being framed as your choice. It’s “leave fandom if you don’t like what i like” or “leave fandom if you’re just going to complain” or “leave fandom if you’re going to take things so seriously”. Can we please stop acting like it’s not normal for people to try silencing people for talking about things they don’t like about media/fandoms they’re in deep for? Can we stop ignoring that many people on this site frame criticism as something that means people shouldn’t be in fandom anymore?)