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Robert (@bobbyb) posts homoerotic pictures of buff men "wrestling" but he has no idea theyre gay with the capion "me and @thequietwolf 👊🏻💪🏻✊🏻#bros4ever #remembertheeyrie) cersei uses them as proof hes cheating in court


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“Stark,” the knight nodded as the Lord of Winterfell entered, looking as drab and boring as he always did in Jaime’s opinion. Ned Stark had never been one of his favorite people, as their relationship had been tense at best after the death of Aerys. Stark was an honorable man, and saw the action Jaime had taken as that of a traitor, and never forgave him for it. The fool and his damned honor. All these Northmen seem to put their honor before everything else, and frown upon those who stray from their paths…  he thought to himself.