Here is the latest #prototype I have been working on that incorporates a hidden wallet into a fashionable #knife sheath #cuff. I love the feel, the look and the functionality to make this a great every day #accessory.

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The troll cross (trollkors) is a twisted piece of metal worn as an amulet to ward off malevolent magic. A charm worn by early Scandinavian peoples as
protection against trolls and elves, the troll cross is an important part of Scandinavian folklore. Iron and crosses were both believed to ward off evil creatures.

Troll crosses continue to be a popular item of jewelry throughout Scandinavia. 

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I’ve been looking for an alternative to necker knife style carry and belt carry knives. I don’t like the looseness of the necker knife or the bulk of the belt knife. Here is my take on a wrist carry knife. It provides easy access on the off-hand while staying within the boundary of a fashion wrist cuff.

Available as  a PRE-ORDER through my etsy store:


Huginn + Muninn

“O'er Mithgarth Hugin and Munin both
Each day set forth to fly;
For Hugin I fear lest he come not home,
But for Munin my care is more.”

Above excerpt from the Poetic Edda poem Grímnismál

Fast and light it swings
Like Huginn’s feathered wings.
Quick and brute the seax
Like Muninn’s angry beak.

15″ Blade (wrought iron, 1084, 15n20, 80crv2)
5/5” Handle (wrought iron, elk antler, teak)
20.5” Overall
1.2 Pounds
2.125” POB from the hilt


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The Key to Mold Making

I recently was commissioned to duplicate an 83 year old brass skeleton key. This is the first part of that process where I make a rubber mold and cast wax copies.


Managing Your Mass While Forging a Knife

In this video I go over some of the skills and tricks used by bladesmiths to forge out the knife they they want. Managing mass can be tricky at first but with these principles it can quickly become easy!


Osberg Seax (Dragon Breath):

Here are some final shots of this seax. Made in Scandinavian style with a curved point and Long Branch runes carved in elk antler that say,“Dragon Breath”. The carvings are styled after the Osberg horde find with a dragon breathing fire from it’s mouth. The fittings are made from wrought iron and copper with an elk antler dongle, also carved as a dragon’s head.

This knife will be for sale at the Renaissance Faire in Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend. If it survives that show it will go to my etsy store.


Shooting a new video (how to forge fire steel) for my #youtube channel

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Wrought Iron Wedding Band

Forged from old wagon wheel wrought iron, these wedding bands have the character that can stand the test of time. A liner of .999 silver is set inside for comfort and style.

This band belongs to my cousin, Nick. He was able to join me in my shop for a day and I helped him to forge his own band. It’s quite a fun task. If you are looking for a unique ring and a deeper experience for your wedding band than just a jewelry counter let me know. I would be happy to help you forge your own ring!


Double Twist Seax: Heat Treat

The first shot is the blade after its final forge for straightening. This show it with the fire scale that has to be ground off during the final shaping process.

The second shot is the blade after it is rough ground. I start with an angle grinder them move to a belt at 80 grit and finish with 120. All the final profiling is done at this point and the edge is left roughly as thick as a penny or nickel.

The third shot is the blade after heat treat with just a scrub from #0000 steel wool. The pattern popped right away during heat treat. It was awesome!

The bottom four shots show the blade exactly as it looked when removed from the quench and then scrubbed at different angles.

I really felt the soul of this one as I went through this process. Building a multi-bar seax really is something special. This is my fourth multi-bar blade and I fall in love with this process the more I do it. There is something magical about it. Something beyond the science and the art and the production that I must explore further. I feel really relaxed and at peace about this blade now that it has gone through the extremes and turned out solidly. I noticed a definite mood shift during the process. I will have to repeat again to fully be aware of this shift next time. The shift took me from feeling anxious, nervous and excited to relaxed, peaceful, accomplished and powerful.