Love At It's First Thought

Even through the vague network of tweeting birds, I managed to come across the boldest bald eagle. With The perseverance of seagulls & the loyalty of beagles…who also loves bagels. *Sigh* I’m so grateful, To her, I dedicate this rhyming fable, with empathy enabled. Both chests contain a heart that dangles, weighed down with pain; shattered trust angled & aimed, bringing not only tears; but blood to drain. Descending Down her fashionable sleeve only to fill her hand with enough love to make it unfathomable to leave. Her high heels allow me to breath; I’m hanging from the Pedestal I placed this queen. The throne were her ass sat is now her main asset. Scrutiny; were pass that. And if it returns, never will I stupidly treat her like Dutches and pass that; she’ll be a duchess before another man ask her to throw that ass back. As you can see, God apparently blessed her parents with an appearance so transparent, It’s clearer than HD. Would I be flipping the script if I said please take me ? Or shall I let it flow like what’s under the boat….that we rocking without physically locking. Though them urges are knocking; this prophet must profit before Me and them 6-inch boots is knocking. Who’s there ? It’s 2 forces who’ve chosen the route of the tortoise. Well paced and focused….towards eloping I’m hoping, no I’m joking but…. I swear she keeps me high like herbs that are potent. With her, I’m constantly rolling, and besides she so blunt, it’s no need for smoking. Her honesty astonished me. She’s so bright there’s no need for polishing..her mind, is never tarnishing. A five star dish with no need for garnishing. All this, yet, the heart keeps on warning me, is there where you wanna be ? How do you know she is true, you could be soon singing the blues, you know I’m softer than suede shoes. Remember, Never trust anyone…never; even an angel can turn to the devil. Dreams she could be selling, you know that dollar’s compelling. I tell my heart to stop complaining & yelling. Though her words are staining & her actions aren’t failing…to match the act. I need a new venue, my view is between you & your souls sure does seem true. It Seems you….and me seemed stressed and our heart needs a seamstress. Though We’re to broad for one to sew our Jeans, we’re just so ingenious and twitter was our lovely sewing machine………………………….. to be continued

"Troubled Spirit"

A Spirit; Once so kindred, once so pure, became infected by hate and she was convinced that it was no cure. And by these sharks, she was considered bait, but she wouldn’t fall for no lure. Her mind is confused and her heart is abused, both organs are on the verge of blowing a fuse. A Ruse; An Illusion, is what is now “LOVE” to her, or at least that is what she perceives it to be. Fake, is what she believes it to be. So her heart i cannot own, but i pray that she will lease it to me. She is skeptical, no longer capable of……trust, because every guy nowadays is aggravated with love and infatuated with lust. And when it comes to this troubled spirit, affectation is a must. Show her attention, get her to grin and relieve some tension. Keep your eyes off her…..bust. Gaze into her eyes and use your heart to listen. So you may hear and feel her pain and immediately know what she is missing. “LOVE”. That four letter word; so strong, yet never used with honesty, nor precision. ”TRUST”. That five letter word needed for LOVE to succeed and to avoid insecure living. Last but not least, “FAITH”. The amount of letters is irrelevant, because before now it never meant……anything….to this troubled spirit, Can I…….kiss this troubled spirit or will I miss this troubled spirit ? Questions need answers so….. make a decision….Ms. Troubled Spirit. 

© Leronn Pannell


Looking forward to that soulful matrimony.

Don’t need the papers; true love is a bond and the band.

The queen is the diamond that sits on top of flawless golden feelings.

Always think past the physical.