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Fruit: How much do we really need?

Basically, I see a lot of photos like the ones above reblogged incessantly, and it makes me wonder if it’s confusing you all. On tumblr, these representations of fruit skew the amount you need, and the best way to combine it.


James Duigan, creator of Clean and Lean, recommends eating fruit, but making it 30% of a meal (see suggestions of great combinations below). The fruits that are best consumed on a regular basis are berries, melons and green apples. Fruits like mangoes and banana are delicious and good for you, but a little more moderation is key here. I see almost as many bananas on my tumblr dash as I see Nike footwear, and that’s saying something. Bananas are not the cleanest and leanest of fruits, they contain a lot of sugar (albeit naturally occurring), and whilst I want to make it clear I am NOT suggesting bananas are “bad” (I don’t believe in moralizing food in this way anyway ), I suggest seeing them as more of a treat. For example, I love having them in my smoothies a couple times a week, but I wouldn’t eat a banana every day. That’s just me and what works for me.  


Rethink Fruit (try and combine it with protein!):


- Have apple slices with natural peanut butter and cinnamon

- Berries with yoghurt and LSA

- Sliced melon with yoghurt and buckwheat

- Slices of pear with a couple medjool dates and a couple walnuts

- Slices of apple with some cubes of full-fat fetta


And so on. Those combos will actually keep you full, and satisfy you, because of the protein. Fruit on it’s own isn’t particularly filling because fructose (the sugar that occurs naturally in fruits) doesn’t stimulate a corresponding ‘fullness’ hormone the way that proteins and fats do. 


If you’re following the clean and lean approach a bowl of scrambled eggs with avocado is a better breakfast option than a plain fruit salad, but let’s be honest, a photo of that mess is a whole lot less rebloggable. Always remember, just follow your instincts and tweak your diet so it works for you. There is not right answer at the end of the day, but I do hope this helps.


How many in one go? Roughly 12. Also, apologies for my lack of facial expression.

That’s quite alright. We’re just happy for your time. Okay, special talents? I have a lower fat content compared to other nuts, so if you’ve already had plenty of good fats in your day, I’m a good option. I’m also ridiculously high in magnesium.

Cool. We’ll bear than in mind. When else are you useful? I’m wicked as a nut butter when you get sick of the ol’ PB. And chuck me in stirfries for added crunch and taste.