guess whos birthday it is today!!

i just really like the idea of these two flatting together and watching really shitty romcoms and kids movies heaps on tavros’ dinosaur-ass sofa that creaks in the wrong places
and like, having really deep conversations but karkat always animorphs into a fricking pretzel all the way through, and tavros just sits there listening and trying not to laugh because karkat gets really upset if you interrupt his epilogues about the physical condition of the world and disney movies.
then eventually karkat realizes what his limbs are doing when he’s halfway off the sofa and they start laughing but then he starts to cry but it’s too late for tavros to stop and he’s just fucking dying at the entire situation while karkat sobs into the carpet


 asked you: if you could draw some tavkat for theprinceoffart id love you forever (’ v ` ) hes having an off day and my tablet isnt working. i think i remember telling you your art is amazing but idk>>>???? just in case, your art is fricking gorgeous aight yeha. either way rock on u king

aw thank you and that’s really sweet of you! i hope he had a better day today