I got this mini replica of Loki’s Chitauri scepter from Avengers (2012) from this lovely Etsy store today:

I decided to make a little comic strip to honor the occasion.  

thepotionsmistress asked:

In response to your (what I assume to be) disapproval of the fact that there's going to be a Katniss barbie doll made. I think this is a great thing. Instead of little girls playing with (and emulating) a pointless, skinny, blonde dress up doll, they are idolizing a strong, independent real girl. Having a Katniss doll as a roll model and part of their lives and imagination can only encourage the development of their strength as and growing independent woman.

except it won’t!

barbie is a brand that focuses on young girls, just like many doll brands before it. It’s target audience is to young to fully understand all the aspects of human life, and is much more interested in pretty dolls with pretty clothes. I know that is a generalisation, but it is a generalisation that works for barbie and has sold them millions of dolls world wide. Now let’s consider the audience with a katniss doll…they are going to be under the age of 12, so they are not going to be able to see the movie, unless they have very lenient parents, and as for the book, it is well beyond their age group. No the barbie will no doubt focus of capitol katniss, with her fire dresses and fancy hair-do’s and not on the real character of katniss. 

So while the idea of having a doll like that sounds amazing, I really doubt even if they did it the girls who would be buying it would understand the true context of the doll and the character of Katniss. 


My Gram sword for my Agent of Asgard Loki cosplay came in today. It’s very well made and LIGHT WEIGHT THANK GOD! I don’t have to haul around a heavy prop like when I was cosplaying Renji from Bleach.

For my review: Again, well made, lightweight, I can break it off into two pieces for easier storage in luggage. The maker kept me informed and always was communicative. And took special care to make sure it arrived safe. Also she gave me a Thor valentine and a Iron Man sticker so always a plus. And the price was great too. Would recommend.

^Visit the prop maker here to check out her other Loki cosplay props. But yes, I am very pleased with my sword. Now if only I can get the bloody costume done haha.