Shassie Rec List Part Deux

Might as well call me the White Rabbit cos I’m always late :/ PART ONE

Beach Gazing by chibichibi_k | Rated G
Carlton can’t sleep. So when he goes for a walk on the beach to clear his mind, he runs into Shawn.
Great fic building on canon.

1930 by Nixa Jane | Rated T
See a penny, pick it up.
The first Shassie fic I ever read, waaayy back in the day. Starring Uncle Jack.

Go To Sleep, Spencer by thepolicebox | Rated G
Lassie shows up on Shawn’s doorstep in the middle of the night.
Post Yang in 3D. Lassiter has nightmares. Shawn is comforting.

Better by Debris_K | Rated G
Carlton bit back a curse and Shawn muttered choice words about ‘stubborn, unable to wait or ask for help, bull-headed, really ridiculously lanky cops’
Lassiter gets hurt; Shawn believes in the power of kisses. Very sweet.

I’d Rather… by whyamisoclever | Rated G
It’s Valentine’s Day and somebody is screwing with Carlton.
A clever little fluff piece.

Breathing (series) by rispacooper | Rated T
What are you wearing?
Lassiter has the upperhand & it drives Shawn crazy. (definitely one of my favorite things in fic). UST that eventually is resolved.

Closeted by Midorisakura (Calacious) | Rated T
Shawn and Lassiter fear for their lives while trapped in a closet. Will the psychotic killer discover them before the good guys do?
Short but the way this is written is masterful.

I Know You Are (But What Am I?) by Loz | Rated G
Lassie isn’t evil, Shawn thinks, as he runs down the road. He’s just misguided. Like a train.
Shawn’s voyeurism gets him in trouble. A woefully underappreciated fic.

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two That Don’t Know How To Forge Documents by Desdemon | Rated G
Shawn spends an entire day equivocating.
Shawn is a fool. Lassiter is annoyed. More pre-slash than anything.