If I could, I’d sit on your face for hours until you began to grow flowers on your beard from the nectar of my soil
If I could, I’d squeeze the rain from my clouds into your thunder until you felt how weak your body could become from a storm.
If I could, I’d give you heaven.

Maybe it’s the melanin.

Even the fluoride can’t poison your third eye and I still call you sun because you still shine like one and I still call you God because I see him in you and I still know that you are King even with all those chains on you.

they say it’s ungodly to call each other gods. they paint themselves black cos they wanna be gods too. you didn’t know you were a king until they used your crown to hang you.

They hung our bodies, leave our souls on the pavement. They still got niggas for sale but those niggas think that they’ve made it. I want to believe that a revolution can begin, but how can you un-hang someone that doesn’t see the noose that’s still right below their chin?


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I thought I’d post a selfie because I haven’t done so In a while (what a vain way to start a post, lol) and then I started going through my old posts and reading comments that I haven’t seen before. I also noticed a few of my videos being posted that I didn’t even know were circulating and that made me happy. I really miss sharing my poetry with you guys even if it’s just 1,500 of you which isn’t a lot but it feels like a million to me. My laptop was stolen 2 days before my birthday in October and I’ve been super bummed. There was a lot of material on there that I planned on sharing. There was even a short book of dirty poetry (you guys know I like filthy poems) that I’d written and one about my battle with depression. BUT I’m definitely not going to let that put a hinderance on all that I had planned on doing. I was able to retrieve some of my writing (I didn’t have anything backed up to the cloud :-/) and of course I’ve been writing a ton of new stuff! I’ve even been coming out of my little turtle shell and I’ve shared my poetry amongst others publicly - jitters and all. I’m going to continue to work on my stage presence and get comfortable with it and I’m juiced to start kicking some ass. PLUS I’ll be relaunching in a few short months. I hope you guys continue to roll with me through this journey!