Operation SuperValentine’s:


Why we’re doing it:

Because we love our Supernatural! And we thought it would be just awesome to let everyone on the Supernatural crew know just how much we love having them in our lives, on this day of St. Valentine’s SuperValentine’s.

How we’re doing it:

The amazing Leeann has volunteered to put all our cards together and mail it out in one giant package of *L*O*V*E* to the set.

So, here are the basics:

Make your card or purchase one. Whatever works for you. As long as it’s got plenty of glitter and hearts and all that good stuff.

Make cards for as many of the cast and crew as you’d like.The whole purpose is to have piles and piles of these things for them to sort through. Like, enough for them to all swim in. Like, enough for them to fill a thousand Impalas. So. You have a favorite writer? Send her/him a SuperValentine. Or maybe a favorite director, or a stunt double, or even just a general one for the crew.

Can I hear a hells yeah?

Alrighty then.

Okay so now you have your cards. Here’s what we need you to do:

1.Make sure you put the name of the operation somewhere on the card. You can print this handy dandy li’l stamp thing we made for ya here. This way the cards will be forever branded with our love-operation. (Okay I’m getting completely carried away with all this love. Sowwy).

2.Send your cards to Leeann: Leeann Funk904 W. 22nd ½ Street Apt. #403, Austin, TX 78705. She will put all of these together in one big bag o’ SuperValentine’s and mail it to the set.

3.Message us to let us know you’ll be sending cards to us, so that we don’t miss yours. We’ll be making a list and checking people off as their cards come in just to make sure we’ve got everyone’s cards.

We’re also going to include a cover letter with the package. Just a little note explaining our new national holiday, lol. Which we will sign from a collective “your Tumblr fangirls” or something like that.

Additionally, we will include a link to this Tumblr in the letter, just in case the guys are curious or are just massive closet Tumblr trolls like we all know Misha is. So anyways, you can also send us e-cards to this account (just send us a link to the image) and we will post them here as well. Of course there’s no guarantee they will end up visiting this blog, but hey, it’d still be cool to have this electronic record of our operation. Plus we think it’s an awesome way for the international people to be involved in case you can’t afford the expense of mailing overseas (which is a fucking lot!). Oooooh. Just think of all the gif possibilities.

Now, as you all know, Valentine’s Day IS rapidly approaching. We’ve decided that the deadline for getting these out to us will be this Friday. (It might still be a little tinsy bit late but oh wells. It’s close enough.)

So, you have 3 days, 6 hours to get these done. Think of this as something to pass the time till the next Supernatural episode, as well as a challenge.

How many SuperValentine’s cards can we get for our boys (and girls? I mean, there is Sera…). Hmmm? Hmmm? Hmmm?

Now lastly, promotion.We need to get the word out. We want as many people as possible on Tumblr to know about this, so that anyone who might be interested in participating will find out about it in time. So:

  • Reblog THEFUCKINGSHIT outta this post
  • Make your own posts linking back here. Let all your followers know how important it is to reblog this and get the word out so that every supernatural fan on Tumblr sees this
  • We’ll be posting up some graphics shortly, right over here. You can use/reblog any of them, JUST MAKE SURE YOU’RE LINKING BACK TO OUR MAIN INFO POST.
  • Want to pitch in with a graphic, video, or something else? Go here.

Oh, and of course, have fun! Dean wouldn’t have it any other way, amirite or amirite?

In all seriousness tho. I was never much of a Valentine’s person myself but I’m thinking this might just be my new favorite holiday.

Thanks for reading and being a part of this,

Layla aka j2annon

P.S. If you guys have any other questions, or ideas or ANYTHING, like reallyREALLY anything that comes to your genius little minds, just message us and let us know.

Caroline intended fully to make a mad dash to the city of New Orleans, maybe just reinstate her feelings for not wanting to have went there at first. Can’t say you don’t like something, if you can’t prove it. And if you’ve never been, it’s kinda hard to pass judgment on it right? So, that was her excuse, when she found herself in front of a white house staring it down almost, she only knew two people enough to claim she was here to talk to. She’d sent Klaus a invitation to her graduation so she knew his obvious address. She approached the house and raised her hand as she heard movement. But rang the doorbell anyways. She couldn’t just barge into this place, she’d get something tore off in the process.

The Plan

I, Kyra, hereby promise…

In the year of 2015 I will sing every Taylor swift song. This includes, at bare minimum, all tracks on her albums, probably the deluxe edition songs, and most extra songs made for other occasions. I will need to complete at least 2 songs a week I think, sometimes more sometimes less. That will be difficult. But that’s the challenge!

As a warning, I am not a good singer, I am not a good guitar player, but I will try my absolute hardest. Just as taylorswift has grown through her music, I hope I will too.

Periodically, I will also be doing some covers of other unrelated songs that I just like, which I will probably also post here. If not, everything will be on my YouTube!

However, if you wish to see only Taylor’s songs, I will have a navigation page organizing the links to each song by album.

Finally, I do not claim ownership of any song and am doing this project to pay homage to and fully appreciate every song that my magical unicorn has created. 

Thank you!

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Messing around in New York. #friends #theplan #sana

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Never say that you can’t do something. 

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Banging the Drum

So awhile ago, I wrote this. And for anyone in the audience paying attention, and because I experience a perverse enjoyment in writing lists, here’s what I’ve done about this so far.

  • Selling things. It’s somewhat tedious to find and spend time selling the minutiae of your life. But it’s something to do besides shop for more shit I don’t need, so I say genius. If it seems like it’s going to be worth enough time to put it up for sale I do. Mainly craigslist and ebay.
  • Owning up to excess. I have too many things. Things I can’t possibly use all of. Largely because I have historically purchased things and refrained from getting rid of those items they should have replaced or displaced. Beach towels from 2003, do I use you, NO, NO I DON’T.  85 t-shirts, do you all fit, ofcourse not.
  • Donating things. Because realizing you have far too much is liberating and I enjoy getting rid of things.
  • UNSUBSCRIBE. Black Friday brought all manner of marketing madness into my inbox. I have unsubscribed from anyone trying to sell me anything. I’m still doing it whenever I receive unwanted solicitations. Including *deals* (specialicious, groupon, living social, travelzoo, etc…)  because it’s not a *deal* if you weren’t planning on buying it in the first place.

And finally the two big ones.

  • Spending reduction: This will be a continuous battle. I like eating and I like eating out. Food is an easy “luxury” to justify, particularly when you feel like you’re being restrictive with every other type of spending.
  • Paying down debt: This is tied directly to spending reduction. Every dollar I save not eating out or buying things should be going to getting rid of this infernal debt.
  • Motivation: Looking at tiny houses. Looking at real estate in general. Checking my credit score and realizing how much better it is than I thought and HOW much I can improve upon that by kicking my debt to income ratio all over it’s ass.