Wonderful Wonderful
  • Wonderful Wonderful
  • Johnny Mathis
  • Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

“Even in a utopia, someone needs to clean up the mess.”

Tonight I present to you the song “Wonderful Wonderful” which was used brilliantly in the trailer for Burial at Sea (Which I highly encourage you to watch). While the track was actually made before the time period the game takes place in (meaning no new remixed songs), it does set a tone that we are firmly going back to Rapture, with (I assume) little time traveling and dimension hopping. Except, perhaps, for a certain pair of twins?

“Observation: I am a droid, master, with programming. Even if I did not enjoy killing, I would have no choice. Thankfully, I enjoy it very much.”

HK-47- The hilarious and bloodthirsty assassin droid from The Old Republic series, I give you HK-47 to cap off Robot Week. He’s also the first non-meatbag companion to be announced for Pixel Hero 2 (known as HK-47U),

“I tried to get them to understand that there was more to life than fighting and killing, but they wouldn’t listen.”

Vault 87 Super Mutants- These terrifying variation of Super Mutant stalk the ruins of DC, and what they lack in a master they make up for in size. And today (as a part of Nuclear Winter Wonderland week) I give them to you in pixelated form.

“My name is Atlas, and I aim to keep you alive.”

Atlas- Cunning, manipulative and a true man of the people, I give you the mysterious leader Atlas from the Bioshock franchise. Considering it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d pixelate a couple of the more Irish video game characters to celebrate- I may indeed do more- but for now here’s the man with the world on his shoulders. 

“Besides, someone was gonna pay for what happened to Daisy, your pet rabbit.”

Did you all think I’d let the 20th Anniversary of DOOM go unnoticed? To start things off we have Dom Guyson (based off who else but Doomguy) firing off a most magnificent BFG 9001. In Pixel Hero 2 this is one of the most powerful ranged attacks any companion can have. Along with a cool-down, it comes at the cost of Dom entering a Berserk state where enemies are more apt to attack him and he loses the ability to do anything but punch enemies. However his strength is drastically increased, so some might see this as an added bonus after blasting some enemies into oblivion.

Blues for You
  • Blues for You
  • Gabriel Pares
  • Fallout New Vegas: Old Wolrd Blues

“Here and now got its ups and downs, but… focusing on the past like it was any better? That’s just Old World Blues.”

Of the many haunting yet brilliant songs from the ‘Mysterious Broadcast’ in Old World Blues this one stands out as my personal favorite. Later tonight as part of Nuclear Winter Wonderland, expect someone equally mysterious but a bit more omnipresent… 

“Knowing one’s self means acknowledging one’s actions. As of lately you’ve done some terrible things.”

Introducing Car (based off Jacket from Hotline Miami). Although I’ll only be using the top two sprites in Pixel Hero, it was too tempting to throw in Ritcher and Ramus for good measure. Side note, since Jacket’s face is never properly shown, I mainly used Ryan Gosling’s appearance in Drive (a thematically similar piece of media) as a base for Jacket’s head.

  • Beams
  • Tape
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

“We’re sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.”

I know posts have been pretty slow, and I’m actually going to be away for the weekend, but I decided to throw together this for one of my favorite new tracks coming right out of Hotline Miami 2. The track is Beams by Tape and certainly hints at what is to come for this fantastic looking sequel. 

Twister- Kingdom Mix
  • Twister- Kingdom Mix
  • Takeharu Ishimoto
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Here’s a song originally from one of the most memorable games I’ve ever played, The World Ends With You. Since the same team worked on Kingdom Hearts 3D (a game I’ve yet to play), they brought back several tracks from TWEWY and remixed them. This one is by far my favorite. 

“Pledge in your hearts and minds, pledge by your guns that you will stand with them in battle until the end, trust each of them with your life.”

T-45d Power Armor- To conclude Nuclear Winter Wonderland week, I present to you the West Tek T-45d Power Armor- More commonly known as the armor used by the Brotherhood of Steel on the East Coast.

“You heroes will not save the world this day. You shall merely be the first sacrifices on this, the altar of my victory!”

Lord Recluse- The master of villains, the king of Arachnos, ruler of the Rogue Isles, today I bring you the Archvillian of Anarchy himself, in pixelated form. As some of you may know this past weekend saw the would-be tenth anniversary of City of Heroes, so to celebrate I thought I’d pixelate one of the most visually memorable characters from the sunsetted franchise. Potentially more to come?


“or Tails?" 

I give you the Lutece twins, pixel hero style. I’ll talk more about their possible appearance in a later post that just has these two in a static position (without the chalk-board) 

The second time I met these two (thinking it was the first time) I had no idea how important they were. I thought they’d end up being entertaining side characters or possible show-stealers (a la Sander Cohen)~ And well… let’s just say they most certainly  stole the show but for very good reasons. As a side note I may do a few more dynamic Lutece pixilations, perhaps involving rowing… or maybe digging.