Last weekend we took our 2 year old daughter, Zoe to Pixie Hollow meet Tinkerbell for the first time ever and basically made all of her wildest little dreams come true (we disneybounded as fairies, but our son insisted on being Captain Hook). There’s no greater feeling as a parent than to be able to make your kids smile. Zoe won’t stop talking about her new friend, Tinkerbell. :)


Disneybounding with friends as hippie versions of classic Disney characters for the 24 hour “Show Your Disney Side” event at Disneyland. 

Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale


We had such a blast in the parks last weekend disneybounding as Alice in Wonderland characters with these goofballs!!! <3 

Tweedle Dee (Erika), Tweedle Dum (Vince), Queen of Hearts (Leslie), Alice (Sara), Hatter (Neil), White Rabbit (Matt), March Hare (Isaac)

All photos by BeeTanz