thepiper76 asked:

I absolutely love your drawings!!! Once I get my new dress, would you mind drawing it for me? I won't have it until the end of this month to early February. So if you can just add me to the list whenever I get it that'd be great:) thanks!

Sure! You are number 31 so it will be a while but I will message you when I finish (: Message me again when you get the new dress! 

SO no recall yesterday but..

I danced my best and ended up placing 66th (they recalled 56). I’ll be honest, I was upset (in fact crying right after recalls), but I’ve realized that I did very well for my first Oireachtas.

I want to say congrats to all my friends and all the competitors! I hope everyone had a wonderful time. Also shoutout to thepiper76 who was amazing and qualified for Worlds! Great job, you looked beautiful as always. 

Today I played TC and walked around dressed all fancy, helping our U10 team who got 9th. Overall a great Oireachtas!