This took me 2 days to create!! It wasn’t easy but this is the history of Lexi Bee. This is why I love her: through out all of those styles you can clearly see that she was still the same person through it all. She developed her own style in the very beginning and stuck with it. This is why I get mad and defensive when certain people try to say that Lexi is “fake” and that she is “copying so-and-so” when it couldn’t be clearer that Lexi is Lexi and has always had her own style.

The beautiful and lovely Lexi/Cupcake aka ThePinkQueen! I follow her both on tumblr and instagram: @thepinkbarbie

I felt as though she needed to be drawn. She’s so cute and adorable and I hope that it has made her smile after all she’s been through. I don’t want to go too much into it because I know everyone would like to see her smile again and what’s better than cupcakes, and candy???

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just a post dedicated to lexi. i’ve followed her and her life on the internet for years now and though it is none of my business my heart breaks for what has happened to her today. i cant stop thinking about it and her tumblr posts have made me well up. stay strong, princess, i know you can get through this and rip to mattie <3