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It’s amazing - it’s true! But it gets so weird (yes - it gets even weirder than what you’ve probably already seen)… and emotional! I’m currently TRYING to watch the last season and I have to take breaks due to how intense it is…

oh god! I’m taking breaks from just this season it’s so full on and i love the creepy aspect to it and the weirdness! 

thephillex-deactivated20151123 asked:

Since "Phillex" isn't exactly a popular name... let's try with Phillip instead, please? (for the name thing)

“Phillip” reminds me of:

  • The sound of horseshoes on cobblestone
  • Sunrises
  • Diadems
  • Embers
  • Old forests
  • The laughter of children at play
  • Libraries
  • Starlight
  • Caves with crystals growing in the walls
  • Tailored suits
  • Road dust