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If I was in your place, I’d go but that’s only because I’m a masochistic bastard and I make ”sacrifices” like that to close friends. I dunno, your friends seem kinda pushy. If you really don’t want to go, then fuck it, just don’t.

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Fuck that, if you don’t want to go, then don’t. Tough luck for her.

Aaaaah I wish I could just sat that… I wish I could do as you guys say, just saying “fuck it”, but unfortunately I tend to make “sacrifices like that” too ;_;

Ah, I’m going to talk to her… Maybe she’ll understand…

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Justine. ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ

J: Five turn offs
Being rude, ignorant, stuck up, mean and ungrateful. Basically if you act like a dick. 

U: How big are your boobs?
How the fuck do you even measure boobs man umm I guess they’re not as big as I wish they’d be ;D

S: Do looks matter to you?
Not really. It’s a plus, definitely, but not the most important thing.

T: What kind of underwear are you wearing?
Hipster panties and a regular bra, I guess

I: 5 turn ons
Good sense of humor, good grammar, good music taste, cute, nerdy. Hue.

N: Top five traits you look for in a person that you want to have a relationship with
I guess it’s the same as above..? But normally, I don’t look for anything specific. I know if I like it when I see it. xD

E: Do you smoke?


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TAG! The rule is to state ten facts about yourself then pass it on to the 15 nicest people on tumblr.

I really want to hug you right now. But I have to do this first:

1. Sometimes I take like three hours writing trans-lyrics for a song, but most of the time I literally never use them.

2. I have double-jointed fingers, so everyone’s really confused by how I hold my pencil. The principal at our school who’s been our principal for like five years had a whole realization thing about it about a month ago, and he was just really excited.

3. My pets consist of three cats, an affenpinscher, and a single fire-bellied toad that’s somehow lived for like five years.

4. I have only around 250 torrents downloaded in the last 8 months and they’ve literally taken up 200+ GBs. That’s 1/3 of my computer’s memory.

5. My handwriting is really god-awful. I will never choose hand-written over typed if given the choice.

6. I have rewatched Baccano and RoTG 3 times each. I seldom re-watch things ever, let alone three times

7. I really enjoy red onions. Seriously, best topping(?)/vegetable

8. I used to be really, really big on Detective Conan and Hetalia. It’s kind of sad to have left those fandoms, but I literally know every character in both.

9. Sometimes when I’m home alone I’ll do evil monologues. One time I was caught by my friends, and it was super embarrassing.

10. I really like my hair cause it’s naturally curly and everything.

Okay, now I will.

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TAG! The rule is to state ten facts about yourself then pass it on to the 15 nicest people on tumblr.

what omg this is fun ok thank u

1. I like drawing

2. I like my friends a lot my friends are all cuties

3. I’m not a violent person, but I was a demon when I was a kid (seriously)

4. er I like food, food is beautiful

5. I like videogames, even though I only started really playing recently, when I got my pS3 (and by really playing I mean sitting in front of my tv for six hours straight)

6. I like to name inanimate objects.

7. I hate biology I hate it so much

8. I would like to major in animation or illustration or both

9. I like to make people laugh

10. er.. I’m scared of elevators. 

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I installed DoNotTrackMe on Mozilla and I never got any ads on youtube again. Good stuff, thought I’d share.

Aaaaah I don’t have firefox…. 

But that wasn’t a long ad that you get before the video, but it was like one of those little banner that apper on the bottom of video while you watch it… does it block those too?

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Because I’m not really enjoying it… The story is confusing, and I don’t understand what’s going on 95% of the time… I don’t get what’s with the books, and those animals, and those creepy fucking creatures lurking around…

I’m waiting for the game to finally start to make sense, because right now, I’m confused as hell.

Or maybe I’m just stupid. IDK.

Also I get frustrated just by watching the combat scenes, and I’m not even the one PLAYING the game. That’s how much it makes me angry.


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(The song thing) Yoav - Adore adore.

totally not my type | dont really like it | it’s ok | pretty good | i started downloading it 2 seconds into it

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jasmine tea, strawberry tea.

Jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that I have.

Ooooh… let’s see… I have like tons of them…

I don’t believe in self-diagnosis when it comes to mental illnesses.

Strawberry tea: favourite outfit.

Ahh… Well, I can’t take a pic right now… Let’s just say basically any pink t-shirt that I own with these beautiful black pants… Seriously those pants are perfect and they make my butt look awesome! :P

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23) Do you want a tattoo?

Aaaah… it’ll be cool to have one! Too bad I’m afraid of needles… :S

24) Do you want a piercing?

No, I don’t… I used to wear earrings but then both of my lobes got infected… so no more piercings for me…

27) Do you believe in ghosts?

Aaaah… I kinda do! Sometimes… I used to believe in them a lot when I was a kid, but now not as much! :D

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As in my body hates me for eating that whole bar of chocolate or my body hates me because I’m having period cramps and I want to destroy the whole human race or…?

More like

My body hates me and it’s been like this for two years. I have been getting bellyaches basically every day and I don’t know why. I’ve done every type of examination possible, and it turns out I have nothing wrong. We are thinking it might be some psycological related problem.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I basically can’t do anything anymore. If I have to go out, I’m worried that I’m gonna feel sick. I’m scared of going out with my friends, long trips and important events. Now I’m starting to feel pain during school’s exams too, and today I got a bad tummyache during my math test, to the point were my mom had to came to take me back home.

I’m tired of feeling like this and more importantly of getting all anxious. I can’t leave the house. If I do, I’ll panic and then I’ll get a bellyache. My friends are trying to help me, which is really nice, but it’s not like I’m gonna feel automatically better.

Sorry, I needed to get this off my chest.

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Tumblr or not, stupid shits are everywhere. 90% of the time, if the text post is long, it talks ‘bout one of those things you mentioned. That’s why I skip them most of the time.

heeyyyyyy hiiii you’re baaaackk!!!! :D

yes yes i completely agree with you… stupidity is everywhere, but for some reason the one on here affects me more… which is sooooo stupid, because i mean, it’s the internet, i shouldn’t get angry because someone wrote something i don’t like on the internet… :/ but yea, i tend to skip basically everything, mostly because some of those post are so old i’ve probably already read them 1000 times…