The Tailypo comes from North American Folklore and is usually told as a ghost story. The beast is typically the size of a dog with bright red (sometimes yellow eyes) and long ears. The most disturbing part of the Tailypo is that it can speak like a man, and it demands its “taily-po” back.  It will always repeat its phrase three times before getting angry with its victim. The phrase varies through stories but usually sticks to things like “Taily-po… Taily-po… Give me back my Taily-po…”

After the third time, the Tailypo grows angry and mutilates the unfortunate soul that cannot return its taily-po before burning down the person’s house. The Tailypo generally attacks in heavily wooded areas where its victim would be alone. 

Art: @thephantompancake

thephantompancake  asked:

Elmo! Elmo, I've been told that I need to ask you about dolphins. Please tell me about dolphins. *pulls a chair up to the table, and takes a seat*





they are one of the smartest species on the PLANET, and they use it to do things like bully members of their pods–  not to eject them, just to make their lives miserable– and they engage in mob behaviors, and rape, and will lead other creatures– INCLUDING HUMANS– to sharks. They are half the reason that sharks have such a bad rap.

They tease their food.

Did I mention the rape bit? And that’s not just with other dolphins. As a human, swimming with dolphins can be EXTREMELY dangerous. If you ever see a dolphin and their lower side is flushed ppink, GET AWAY FROM THEM.I feel like I had more– do I NEED more? No.