jesus christ is it that time again already? bloody hell guys (i probably need to stop making these so often but they help me procrastinate so i doubt i ever will. plus it’s like a tradition now, right?)

I still sit here in awe everyday at my follower count tbh and I think I always will - I have very rarely in my life felt like I was in a place where people actually care about me and want me to be around, but you guys make me feel wanted everyday and for that I could never thank you enough. Every new message, every new follower, hell every reblog means a lot to me and though I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out why and how any of you got here, I’m glad you did because I love you a lot. 

Anyway, tl;dr, have a good day and thank you!! <33

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anonymous asked:

hey! i read your musings on dan's tweets and people's interpretations, and i was just wondering whether you'd be willing to expand your opinion on dan's stance with depression/anxiety throughout the years? don't worry if not but i have some thoughts and i'd be interested to hear other peoples too; you seem like you've thought out your ideas well and i was just wondering :D

yeah, of course!! i just want to let you know that i’m referencing a lot of tweets/formspring answers/videos in here and i’m not linking to them all as i’m too lazy—you can, however, find many of the things i’ve referenced at thephandirectory. that being said, i’d like to make it clear that this post is not about phan, it is about dan, but because dan and phil are friends i have mentioned phil in my points several times but in no way am i implying phan is real or anything more than friendship in my opinions. 

before you read, i’d also like to point out that this is my opinion. it is not fact and in no way am i claiming that i am right and this is how dan feels. this is all speculation based on information dan has provided within the last several years and in no way am i claiming to associate my thoughts with how he really feels.

my ramblings under the cut: 

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I just reached 2k followers and wanted to do a follow forever (i've 
never done one before oops) for all the blogs that have made my
time on tumblr the best !!

(i’m sorry if i’ve missed anyone out)

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phanlight // definitelythor // ramonaspeaks // emorashi // interrupted-by-fireworks // mermaidstailonmyface // dhilandpan // kardashidan // powerbottom-dan (not rlly a phanfic author but i love your drawings)

youtubers/people who make my heart happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

troyesivan // tyleroakley // danisnotonfire // amazingphil // emmablackery

thank you for following me and ily all :)

anonymous asked:

hey im really really sorry but what is the valentines video and why is it a big deal??? I honestly have no idea about it and if you'd rather reply privately or not at all thats ok!

Hey, hey don’t apologize!! It’s a’okay to ask, alright?

The Valentine’s Day video was a video made in 2010 and was posted privately posted to Phil’s second channel. It was supposedly made as a Valentine’s Day gift to Dan while he was away in India. However, when the video was unprivated in 2011 (?), a year later, due to a glitch youtube had Dan and Phil claimed the video to be a prank, deleted it and all copies, and asked their fans not to speak of it/ask them about it. 

The video seemed to have been laid to rest until it was later posted to tumblr by a fan that didn’t know the history behind it. This, of course, caused a chain reaction. People were viewing this video and thinking it was real, whether it is or not is up to the individual person, and were spreading it like wildfire. Dan and Phil were very unhappy about it and this is what the phandom believes caused the “cold phan” era where Dan and Phil would not touch, Dan made a blog dedicated to yelling at his fans and calling them “stupid 12 year olds”, (which is very offensive to 12 year olds, wtf Dan stop being ageist) and basically anything having to do with phan was immediately shut down by Dan.

It’s a big deal because people fear that if people post the video too much 2012 will happen all over again and Dan and Phil won’t be as close anymore. 

If you’d like to read more about this I’d suggest heading over to thephandirectory as they give more in depth explanations.

I hope that helped! xx

So today I reached 2k followers! I honestly find that insane. I’ve been on here for a bit more than a year, and my blog has changed a lot since I first started it, but in the past few months it’s started growing a lot and it’s absolutely insane. 

Seriously, thank you all so much, I love each and every one of you. I can’t wait to see where this account goes in the future. :)

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anonymous asked:

wait what did Dan and Phil lie about exactly?

Like I said in the post, they lied about how they met. Back in 2012 when being asked about how they met they would answer “through a mutual friend”

Here are some examples:

“We were talking on Twitter and then we had a friend that lived in Manchester we both knew, which was weird, but then yeah, we met up and we went to some YouTube gatherings and stuff, and we became best friends” - Phil

“We had a mutual friend in manchester and I recognised him off the internet. A lot of people seem to think uhhh, I, used to be a fangirl of Phil, that was only a joke i made for a video. Um, i didn’t used to really watch that many British youtubers, when i was like, when I was 14, and i was just watching youtubers for ages. I used to just watch American youtubers, and gaming videos, i was one of those guys, watching American girls and gaming videos. But i did know who Phil was, so then when i saw him in Manchester i was like ‘you’re off the internet!’” - Dan

While they were doing a liveshow together:

How did you meet?

“On the Internet”
and Phil quickly adds;
“we had a mutual friend in Manchester”

(these are all copied from thephandirectory)

But the thing is that’s not how they met at all?? They met through the internet. There’s countless proof on youtube/twitter and pictures of tickets Dan sent to Phil when they were planning to meet each other.

So why did they lie?

Okay so I just reached 1k followers and that’s just insane!! I started this blog more that a year ago and I honestly never thought I’d ever reach 1000 followers. Really I have proof, when I had 50 followers (after like 2 months) I make a haiku because I was so happy and grateful people actually followed me! Here it is:

50 followers :D Thank You!!

I know it’s not a lot, but I love you all so I’ve written a haiku for you:

Never expected

That fifty lovely people

Would follow my blog

Sorry I’m a bit sentimental atm bc oh my god I just really didn’t expect this okay? So to thank all of you for staying with me for more than a year or just for following me in general , here’s my 1k follow forever <33 (credit to the worderful amazingamyisntonfire for the header!)



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hi first of all i thought i’d like to say thank you for 2k (even though as i type this i’m at 2,150 followers but still thank u ily)

and second of all this lovely photo was made by this cute: kickthehaley

also wow i finally got around to making it it took forever to choose and think of people and just agh!


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danisnotonfire and amazingphil who have made those dumb videos that i can’t seem to ever hate and made this blog thing possible (yes i’m getting sappy omfg.)

sorry if you’re not on here!! i probably just forgot you :/ (i’ve probably got like at least ¼ of who i follow on here though!)

thank you again for 2k and just so you now ily all and tysm for following me!!

p.s. i had a list and accidentally deleted the s’s so i will probably be adding more people on as i remember soso sry

*1.1k this is like 4 days late sorry ^_^

I have had this account for less then a year, and the amount of love and support that you guys give me is overwhelming. I have made some great friendships and I have received so much help during rough times. So I would like to thank each of you for being so amazing and for following this super trashy teddy bear. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Now it’s time for the follow forever!

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I recommend you follow these great blogs, and I hope you have a great day/night :) 💕✨

it is that time again. 

i do one of these every 1.5k and every time i am blown away by the fact that people actually follow me like what the fuck are you all doing go outside kids

but in all seriousness, ily all for following me, and i love every single blog i follow! these are just a few of my favourites atm, and they are in no particular order. these include the blogs i reblog from for both my main and my personal blog (plasmaphil).

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