Phandom Questions

Since none of you ever send me asks IM ASKING MYSELF OKAY YOU DONT OWN ME I JUST WANT TO ANSWER SHIT IM BORED okay I’m calm now.

If I mention you in it I’m tagging you because I want you to know I love you.

1. first dan video? How to speak Internet

2. first phil video? Probably a PINOF, not sure which one…

3. first phan video? Definitely a PINOF

4. dan or phil? I found Dan first, but I still don’t think I could never say one is better than the other!

5. do you ship phan? I dont ship, okay, I’m thoroughly convinced they are soul mates. Even if they really are only friends which they arent they are perfect for each other in every way.

6. hobbit hair or straightened? I think hobbit is adorable, but he likes it straightened and I respect that and I think that’s super sexy too

7. are you more like dan or phil (personality)? Dan. Definitely.

8. when did you join the phandom (or are you even in it?) Well, I became a fan of them over a year ago, but as for the phandom, well I think that happened once I read my first phanfic. What was it, you ask? Funny story there…. It was The Chair Fic. No lie. I’m a kinky bitch. But seriously strykeroptic, you don’t even know me but you are the reason I am in the phandom so thank you, I owe you ^_^

9. do you look more like dan or phil? Probably Dan

10. who makes you laugh more, dan or phil? Well I do watch lots of Phil, but I watch every single video Dan has ever made so I think I’ve had more laughs with him.

11. do you follow them on twitter? They are the only reason I have a twitter. Honestly, I only follow youtubers.

12. has dan ever replied to you on twitter? No *cries*

13. has phil ever replied to you on twitter? No *sobs*

14. has dan ever liked/reblogged/commented on your post?
No *bawls hysterically*

15. has phil ever liked/reblogged/commented on your post?
No *is dehydrated from crying*

16. top five favorite phandom blogs? Oh gosh this is a hard one…..damn I love phanfic writers and their blogs and fanart blogs and gif blogs and gosh okay lets see….. phanfic of course, thephandirectory is my educator on all things phan, mermaidstailonmyface and bneakfast are incredible smut writers, phanmybrow has delicious rps, and finally iguessicantry‘s angst has caused me so many fucking tears, not to mention her omegaverse fics are perfection. Oops was that six? Well too bad I don’t even care this is my post I make the rules. And believe me that’s not even all of them I love so many blogs this was super hard.

17. favorite thing about the phandom? Phanfics, yum yum

18. least favorite thing about the phandom? I’m not friends with enough of you guys! Come on I’m lonely here!

19. who did you watch first, dan or phil? Dan <3

20. are you subscribed to them on youtube? Is that even a question excuse me they are my life