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just wanted to say that your blog is damn beautiful. and also i have a question: HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS GROWING BALE OBSESSION?!

Thanks so much!!! :)

And I don’t know how to answer your question because I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT MYSELF!!!!! :D hehe

I would recommend Tumblr and watching (and re-watching) Bale movies, but obviously this is making it worse for me!! Tumblr is definitely feeding into my Bale addiction… 

I clearly have issues…

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you're playing Ico, too? i just started it a little while ago. have you played it before and do you like it? (this is justabitotaku btw) :)


Actually, I finished it recently, after little less than a year since I bought it. I just checked my Tumblr post, and it looks like I bought the PS3 edition on June 28th. C:

Due to my being such a young gamer, I had never played it before, but I enjoyed it much more than I can tell. It is a true piece of visual art, not to mention how breathtaking the atmosphere and the setting are. Its being so surrealistic and minimalistic takes the meanings, emotions and charm behind it to a whole new level.

I should be playing Shadow of the Colossus at the moment, but I am seriously considering to restart ICO, both for fanfiction needs and to avoid angst. Between the end of May and the first days of June I filled my life with desperate movies/anime/manga, to the point that my face always looked like this

and I’m pretty much on angst strike now. So, more ICO and let’s delay SoTC.

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Hi! Sorry if this is a random question but I was wondering if you could tell me a little about what it's like going to Boston University. I'm a senior in high school and am looking around at different colleges in Boston and BU is on my list of potentials. Anything you could tell me about how the classes are, what the people are like or just the things you especially like would really help. :D

Hi! This isn’t random at all, I would love to help! :) BU’s classes are definitely on the more challenging side compared to many colleges in the country. They’re not impossible, but they require a lot of work and dedication, no matter what major you are. What’s fantastic is that many of the professors are willing to work with you, so if you aren’t doing so well in a class, it’s not the end of the world. That’s probably one of the things I really like about BU–the classes may be tough but you actually learn something from them; your grade truly reflects the effort you put into your classes. 

You will meet hundreds of different people in your 4 years at BU; you just have to find your niche. You will meet some awesome friends, and then meet some people who aren’t so nice. What’s cool is that when you first come, you won’t know anyone, and no one knows you. It’s the perfect time to find your special group of friends.

There are many things I love about BU. It’s located in the Back Bay area of Boston so it’s right in the middle of the city. Everything is accessible, either by walking or taking the T. There’s so much to do around and out of the campus. I may have only completed my freshman year at BU, but I can honestly say I was never once bored. I find myself walking the 10 minute walk to Newbury Street to go shopping, or running along the Esplanade, hanging out with my friends on Comm Ave, and visiting my friends in other Boston schools (there’s so many!!!) 

I encourage you to visit the school (I can even give you a personal tour if you wish haha) and familiar yourself with the school. A city school such as BU isn’t for everyone (people complain there’s no actual campus but that’s a lie), but I think you should come and experience it for yourself. Good luck!

PS. I LOVE your tumblr name :P

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hi! ı really love some much ale,and I love your blog! but I looked every photo in your blog,can you say me anathor alex's blog? -I'm sorry about my bad english,xoxo-

Thank you so much!!! ♥ 

thepettyphile and alexpettyfers are the first two that pop in to my head. But to my tumblr. Click on Lovelies in the left sidebar and there you see people I think are worth following. Most of them are Alex related blogs. 

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14,17,24 :)

14.) What are 3 games absolutely everyone should play? Well 1, Kingdom Hearts. I’m not just saying that because its MY favorite game. I’m saying it because it teaches you the good old morals of friendship and good vs bad. 2, Animal Crossing. If you didn’t play Animal Crossing, you never knew true gaming aggravation. And 3, Pokemon. You haven’t played a game until you played pokemon.

17:  Has a game ever made you cry? HA! Kingdom Hearts 358/2, BBS, and KH2 all made me cry. I think I also cried beating Pokemon Pearl. Simply because I put SOOO much effort into it. To this day, I have about 250 hours of gameplay on it. That is ridiculous. I got very attached to it, nicknamed all my pokemon and kinda made scenarios in my head. It was one of those living through something else situations XD. I also cried when I was little in Animal Crossing when neighbors I grew particularly attached to moved away. Don’t judge.

24.) Has a game ever changed your life? Probably three. One, DDR. Now, I know what your thinking. But I never touched or even knew about my playstation or old fashioned consoles until my cousins forced me to play Dance Dance Revolution. I started buying games for it afterwards. Pokemon Red got me into gaming in the first place. I picked it off of my brother in my play room when I was little, and it got me into the whole style of gaming I am into today. And, of course, Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories. The first Kingdom Hearts game I ever played. I could probably go on a whole rant as to why the series changed everything. But pretty much, it brought me my best friend, gave me the confidence to accept my interests no matter what people think, and just brought me a lot of happiness overall. 

Thanks for the ask!