Cosplayers, this is not fucking funny or cosplay. THIS IS FUCKING BLACK FACE. This cosplayer is white and the comments are atrocious. This is why we black cosplayers are fed up with your shit. We get told that we can’t cosplay characters because of our skin color. But it’s okay for white people to “cosplay” our skin color? We’ve been politely trying to tell/educate you all about what blackface is and why it’s harmful to black people. But if you keep continuing to do it even though we asked and told you not to do it, you’re a fucking racist and your ass will be called out. And to those that say I’m over reacting, ask yourself this. When has anybody asked you if you were the “Black Version of _____”? When has anybody called you the n-word just because you’re a black person that wanted to cosplay a character? I’m so over this shit! @reverseracism @racistbeautybloggers @theloneookami