The Case of the Secret Admirer

My school has a facebook page where people can submit anonymous confessions and crushes. I never followed it or paid attention to it until I was mentioned by name among a group of my friends. We are not the type of people to let that kind of thing go without trying to figure it out who it was. We have been agonizing over his identity. We have all the clues written in dry erase on the windows in my apartment and each time a new post was added we’ve crossed off all the maybes.

Although thanks to the obsession of my dear Ashley we think we found out his identity. She literally creeped on every single mutual friend and checked his page to see if he fit the clues. One guy matches the clues pretty perfectly. None of us know him well, but his major fits and the things he likes on facebook fit as well. Senior walk is still weeks away so we won’t know for sure until then. 

Somehow I’ve gotten anon love on facebook but never on tumblr. How is this my life?