theperksofbeing kate

ok so excuse the shitty picture (i did the heart myself you’re welcome) but I hit 6k somehow and I haven’t done a follow forever since 2k i think. 

I’ll probably miss everyone but i really appreciate everyone who follows me and I hope you don’t mind that a few people get horrible soppy messages.

pntingflwrs - we’ve been talking for almost a year now and i’m still so happy that I finally followed you. You’re my actual sunshine and I hope you know that.

howellslester - helen i still can’t believe we talk?? we’ve never even skyped or anything but we just clicked straight away i’m pretty sure within a day of us talking we were having all caps conversations about old man balls at 3am. p.s i’m still southern

delaney - i can’t find your new url so i hope you see this but you were my first friend on here when i barely had any followers and you’re awesome

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So I recently hit 1k and I felt the need to do this because i’m still in shock and I basically don’t contribute anything to tumblr any more. I’ll probably miss a load of people but I honestly love everyone I follow so i’m sorry if I do!

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