The Peeta Campaign

This campaign to appreciate and discuss Peeta Mellark will be held from March 17th - March 23rd.

Make sure to tag us in your post “ihatepeeta”

  1. Day 1 - Monday (March 17th) the moment when you realized that Peeta Mellark was one of your favorite characters.
  2. Day 2 - Tuesday (March 18th) In what moments is Peeta selfless? Which moment stands out to you the most?
  3. Day 3 - Wednesday (March 19th) Your favorite quote involving Peeta and why?
  4. Day 4 - Thursday (March 20th) What things in your daily routine make you think of Peeta?
  5. Day 5 - Friday (March 21st) 3 words to describe Peeta from the first book of the trilogy, “The Hunger Games”
  6. Day 6 - Saturday (March 22nd) 3 words to describe Peeta from the second book of the trilogy, “Catching Fire”
  7. Day 7 - Sunday (March 23rd) 3 words to describe Peeta fom the third book of the trilogy, “Mockingjay”
  8. Day 8 BONUS DAY - Monday (March 24th) Describe how the epilogue, the ending to Peeta’s story and the story in general, made you feel. Was it a proper ending on Peeta’s part? Do you think Peeta’s recovery was going well? Etc.

This is just a fun little project. So I hope you do enjoy expressing your thoughts on all of these topics! Hopefully a lot of people will participate because I’d love to read your analysis’.

The Peeta Mellark Network is a Peeta-centric promo group where Peeta fans can share edits, discuss, and connect with each other.

We are currently looking for 10 members!

How to apply:
- follow fpw & allob
- REBLOG this post (likes do not count)
- must be a fan of Peeta, obviously
- must be frequently active

What do you get as a member of the network?
- other members to talk to about anything
- share your edits, fanfiction, etc
- a fun environment to simply fangirl over peeta/the hunger games/anything you want