this is my best friend Andrew and me. he passed away a few months ago, but his 21st birthday is coming up on October 10th, and I started a fundraiser for The Trevor Project to mark the date.

the goal is to reach $1010 by 10/10. any way you can help, by donating money or simply by reblogging this post, would mean so much. thank you!

pic from possibly the best day of my life. thank you, Andrew <3 <3 <3

$1010 doesn’t come close to what you gave to me, but it’s just the beginning of what I’ll be giving back to you. I will love you till the end of time.

three months.

the only tolerable parts of these past three months have been the moment before i remember that he’s gone. the instant i have the thought that he might be out there texting me to hang out, or curled up in bed watching golden girls, maybe burning holes on the back of his t-shirt in the shape of a skull, or plonking away on his terribly out of tune piano; it’s over in a flash.

but just at the spark of that thought, it’s gone. i’m pummeled by a pillowcase of bricks to the chest and it hits me at full force. he’s gone. i can’t even really wrap my head around it, that i’ll never see him again.

he’s gone. three months.

best friend, soulmate. i will love you till the end of time.