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Mockingjay disappointed me a little bit, but I agree with you about the Finnick feels. Not going to spoil anything but OHMYCREYS.

ALL THE FINNICK FEELS. I’m on chapter 19 and so far, I’m so impressed with the book. It gets slow at times, but it still keeps me on the edge of my seat. So far, Catching Fire is still my favorite, but Mockingjay might sneak up on me at the end lol. We shall see.

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20-30 Muahaha!

20-Ever watched The Breakfast Club? Yes! <3

21-Been overweight? Yes. 

22-Been underweight? HAHAHAH NO.

23-Had an eating disorder? No.

24-Been to a wedding? Yes. I love them. I’ve caught the bouquet 3 times.

25-Made fun of someone for being fat? Never.

26-Been on the computer more than 5 hours? HAHA YEAH.

27-Watched tv for 5 hours straight?- Yes.

28-Been late for work? no.

29-Been late for school? HAHAH YESSSS.

30-Kissed in the rain? NO BUT I NEED TO!

theparadoxicalpoint replied to your post<span >: <em >I need to change my ring tone. It scares the shit…

Rofl. What is it? My text tone used to be the Monty Python “Message for you, Sir.” The arrow part in the very beginning scared the shit out of everyone. My ex almost fell out of bed because of it.

it’s called scifi on the iphone.. *its sounds like alien abduction.* All the lights will be out and I’ll be alone and I’ll hear it at the other end of my house. lol

2-Favorite Quote- Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.-Robert Downey Jr.

5-Last Movie I watched- Freddy vs Jason

6-10 tv shows-

-The Walking Dead

-South Park

-Family Guy

-American Dad

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer


-Mob Wives

-Dog the Bounty Hunter


-How I met your mother

(in no order)