September 17, 2011

It’s been a year since we watched “Going The Distance” in Gateway after the AIESEC Apps’ Induction. You picked me up even if it was quite late, nearing 9pm. After the movie, I said I was hungry, so we went to Eastwood to grab a bite in Fazoli’s. Thank you for putting up with my weirdness– we could’ve just eaten somewhere along Katip, you know.

Towards the end of our meal, you went to the soda station to have your glass refilled. You came back after a while, as I finished my pesto chicken salad. A waiter comes up, and tells me that they have a promo, and I had to answer a survey to participate.

The survey was quite long, you know, the usual: “How good is our food?” “How is our service?” kind of questionnaire. It got even weirder though, as there were questions like: “Did you know that penguins are mammals?”— where I immediately protested and said that whoever made this survey did not take biology, and wrote: “Penguins are birds, I learned that in Bio 12!!!" 

But the final question made my heart stop: "Did you know that the guy sitting across you likes you?”

At that moment, I did not know what to say. I have always wanted a boy who would surprise me with the littlest things, and you were there, sitting across me. All I could do was smile back then.

I did not have an answer for you on that night, one year ago.

You brought me home afterwards. You hinted for an answer. I only told you that everyone always has a chance.

Things unfolded on its own and here we are, making things work. I’m glad we both took our chances. You have made me one happy penguin all this time. Going the distance is hard at times, heck, most of the time even. It’s heartbreaking when you’re just there, but priorities kick in, and I have to step back so that we can always do our best, especially as students (and more especially you, med student, you!)

That’s it for now, as I know that we’ll always be as awesome as the first time we hung out ever. Thank you for everything! Love you, Vince :)

Hi guys! Our CCTV video of the thief who stole our stuff will be shown in ABS CBN's TV Patrol tonight. Watch out for it! :)

Please continue to help us catch the thief. 

So guys, please help us by reblogging this post and spreading it to your friends and family. I have been a victim of theft several times already, but this is the first time I got this close to actually identifying the thief, with the help of a CCTV camera.

You may also help by adding my Blackberry pin (2383AFC9) and if someone adds back, please message them saying that it’s a stolen phone and contacting me would be nice. 

Let’s become aware of the people around us and put an end to theft. Please let us know if you are able to recognize this woman. We may possibly not be able to get our things back, but if we can find this girl, justice can still be served.



    So I was at Fully Booked earlier because I was so bored… And went on a shopping spree there because I love shopping in bookstores (which is always a bad idea because I never leave National Book Store/Fully Booked empty handed when I’m bored…)

    From the stationery area, I moved to the magazine area, and found this!!! Inside the HUMAN BODY. IT’S AMAAAAZING and very interesting! I want to buy the whole collection, heehee. This is Part 3/idontknowhowmanypartsbutIsawpart20already which contains 2 topics I’m really interested in: MRI Brain Scans and Childbirth (fyi one of my favorite books as a kid were my mom’s maternal whatever books. Hihihihi. This is making me really want to be a doctor. Good read!

    I’m slowly building up my Christmas list. <3

    Day 1: Your Facebook profile photo.
    Day 2: A photo of yourself a year ago.
    Day 3: A photo of someone you love.
    Day 4: A photo that makes you happy. 
    Day 5: A photo of you making a funny face.
    Day 6: A photo of a former crush.
    Day 7: A photo of you and your best friend.
    Day 8: Your most recent photo of you.
    Day 9: A photo you have taken.
    Day 10: A photo that makes you laugh.

    I couldn’t pick who to put, so I put all three. HAHAHAHA.I’M COMING CLEAN HERE, GUYS HAHA. Issa’s 2010 crushes. HAHAHA WHADDUP.

    Coincidentally, all are from UP Street! HAHA.

    Inno– my first morethanafriend (driver-drivee lang actually though HAHA), Leonard– my first real date, and Canter– my first boyfriend (? It’s complicated. :>)

    You guys made my 2010 much more special, THANK YOU!!!

    Hey, look, it’s me.

    It’s been 5 days since the UPCM list of interviewees was released, and sad to say, but I wasn’t given the chance to be part of Class 2017. It’s been 5 days already, but I’m still not over it. I’ve been expecting it, knowing that my grades seem to be lower than my female batchmates (even if I am cum laude standing), but it’s really different when you’re finally facing the fact that you can’t be part of something you really want to be part of. 

    Sure, I do admit that it is my fault that I did not exactly put my best foot forward in the past 3 years of my college life. I barely passed my Bio 11 because I decided not to care about my grades. That was even the phase when I did not want to be a doctor anymore, and fun made more sense to me. Looking back, I even should have dropped a few classes that I was not doing well in, but little did I know about dropping and all I felt was that dropping a class was a waste of my money. But it’s too late for regretting anything, really. (Not that I do regret anything much that I did instead of studying, kind of. Haha.)

    Heck, little did I know about medical schools when I got to college. I didn’t even know about grade cut-offs, I thought you just had to apply. I only knew about everything after summer class in second year, when all possible academic mistakes that could be done was made. It was hard to pull my grades up in 3 semesters, given the required majors at those times. Maybe it hurts because I expected even a little bit that I would make it at least to the interviews–kahit hindi umabot sa final list, makapag-interview lang. Anyway, what’s the point of rationalizing, when everything’s done.

    I’m still sad I didn’t make it. It means a lot of things to me. It means I won’t be able to be with most of my batchmates who passed. It means I won’t be schoolmates again with my boyfriend. It means that I won’t be able to be part of UP anymore.

    It also means I let my parents down.

    I’m really lost right now as to where I want to go. I don’t want to think about it right now. I have a bunch of things I still have to do, and sulking about this isn’t helping me at all. I need to, though. Just because. I still want to be a doctor, of course. That’s what matters now, to make my dreams come true. I just don’t know where to go now.

    Hello from my new Macbook Pro!!! 

    After 2 months from that unfortunate event where U-Know the Macbook was stolen (He would’ve been 4 years old by now :( ), my dad finally rewarded me with a new one :)


    HAHA. Anyway, I will go work now. Woohoo!

    This friend who is not only a friend.

    Where do you find one who is really smart (ugh, med student pa!), tall, plays basketball (and some other sports), plays the guitar, drives a car, and has personality (even if he’s corny at times, acts like a girl at times, and can’t street dance.)? All those benefits? Where?

    know who I want to take me home.