Do you know something, Alfie? This morning, I tried to read the
paper and I realised that the only consequence of my terrible accident is that I now need glasses.

        Right, well, I know a man…who can make you a pair of these,he is a magician, mate.He is a magician.So, not only will you be able to read your newspaper, but you will also be able to see into the future.Now, I know this, right, because he made this pair, here, for me. So, you don’t have to worry about telling me what this is all about, do you?Because I have already seen it. You’re fucking about with Russians, in’t you? You silly boy. -  Tommy/Alfie.

Where Dreams Come True

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[Chapter I]


During her junior year, Marinette Dupain-Cheng wins a Walt Disney World design contest, and her prize is a transatlantic two week field trip for her and her whole class to Orlando’s Walt Disney World. With Alya and Nino constantly by Marinette and Adrien’s sides during the field trip, what will ensue? Is Disney World really where dreams come true?

inspired by @fox7xd-drawings snapchat Walt Disney World art and au, thanks to them for letting me write their au, bless them

also bless @hannahhonnies for being my beta and fixing every grammatical mistake made (there were so many) and also writing a bit of the end of the chapter! literally praise her I could not have done this without her

enjoy! xx


“So did you win the contest yet?” Alya asked for the third time in about
two minutes, giving Marinette an impatient glance.
Marinette tapped her foot with anticipation, so much that Alya was
surprised she didn’t just tap a hole right through the floor of her room.
“The results were supposed to be announced ten minutes ago on the
website, but they’re still not out!”

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