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Good idea :D I would say Phoebe is in ravenclaw as she she is really creative with her clothes and music. Ross in ravenclaw because he is smart. Joey and chandler in hufflepuff as they are loyal. Rachel in gryyfindoor because she was brave starting out her new life in new york, and having Emma. Monica in syltherin as she is ambitious about her job, and isn't always the best of friends. Like when phoebe asks "whats more important, friends or money?" And she shouts "Money!" haha :D

Those are exactly my choices! But this is interesting, here, look at the table I made of everybody’s opinions:

(the stars are my choices)
It looks like it’s a more popular opinion for Phoebe to be in Hufflepuff, so I think I’ll go with the majority vote for that, but people are really split with Chandler! I really thought lots of people were going to put him in Ravenclaw, but it’s leaning towards Gryffindor for him.