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hi! i was wondering if you could tell me why you're pro palestine? from what ive heard, isreal is doing better. maybe you could give me more info to see what im missing? thanks :)

1- Israel is not “doing better”. Israel only seems do be “doing better” because of the way western media portrays the situation, and I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of an islamophobic reason for portraying the Israelis as the “good guys”. 

2- I am against occupation and colonization. One genocide does not justify another. 

3- Israel is an apartheid state. Here’s a passage from an essay I wrote a few weeks back:

Israel is not “an apartheid-like” state. Israel is an apartheid state. There are Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank, separate roads for Israeli and Palestinian citizens as documented in Vibeke Løkkeberg’s documentary Tears of Gaza, and military checkpoints. The ID system and Israeli West Bank Barrier further contribute to Israel’s status as an apartheid state. The term “apartheid” is not used as an insult but rather as an accurate label for the occupier….The  Palestinians could  not have protested over what they “considered to be apartheid-like discrimination” if they protested over the Israeli apartheid that is what the United Nations defined as apartheid at the 1973 International Conference on the Suppression & Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. 

»Yes I know that the UN is bs but this was an essay submitted to Barron’s so I included legal evidence and perhaps you want legal evidence

—-more on Israeli apartheid

4- To respond to the misinformed notion that “Israel is a democracy” in case anyone is wondering

First, Israel is not “a democracy.” It cannot be a democracy if it is an apartheid state. Israel cannot be a democracy if it arrests Palestinians without charge or trial, moves towards force-feeding its prisoners, and kills innocent civilians such as Mustafa Aslan, a father that was in the Qalandiya refugee camp. Therefore, Israel cannot be “committed to human rights” as McCannon mispresents. 

»McCannon wrote Barron’s AP World History (4th edition) textbook

5-  posts & resources

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who are your favourite bloggers

Hmmmm….I’ve never thought about it. Bare with me while I think of some from the top of my head. 

My favorite ones about Palestine are:

The more general ones I like are:

I’d also like to add and just because both of their blogs are hilarious. 

Blogs that you should follow:

These people have either really great blogs, amazing personalities or both, so give them a follow!

Politics (although not exclusively):


This list ended up being bigger than what I originally planned, but I didn’t want to leave anyone out. I probably did though, so sorry about that. Yeah, go follow these people.

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