Do people have to have a grand excuse to give out awards to their favorite people? Of course not! Although we have one. Our excuse is that you’re all losers and we want to bolster your self esteem  we love you.

  • Must be following both tiana and mulan
  • (we’re not peasants, so we’ll be checking)
  • must reblog this post
  • likes are on pain of death (except for bookmarking)
  • must be a princess always
  • boys can be princesses too amen
  • reblogging ends on May 1st
  • if you delete the text from this, you’re a muggle, so no hogwarts for you!
  • Best URL 
  • Best Theme 
  • Best Sidebar 
  • Best Icon 
    Best Posts 
  • Best Graphics/Edits 
  • Best Harry Potter 
  • Best Disney
  • Best Doctor Who
  • Best Game of Thrones 
  • Best Mulitfandom 
  • Keryn’s Favorite 
  • Ashley’s Favorite 
  • Best Overall!
  • a follow-back from both of us
  • a place on our blog for our personal choices and the best overall
  • winners will receive one icon/graphic of their choice from Keryn
  • winner of best HP will be eligible for a place in the padfoot network (if desired) 
  • unlimited promos upon request for winners until end of May
  • 2 promos upon request for runners up until the end of May
  • runners up get 1 promo upon request and endless love and adoration
  • (runners up will be added depending on notes reached)

Introducing Keryn’s first ever BOTM!


You have 24 hours to reblog this (until 12PM EST on July 1);
Must be following me
Must reach 30 notes or this never happened; and
Winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

Looking for:

Clean, lovely theme;
Great posts; and
Sweet blogger.

Winner will receive

Spot on my blog for the month of July; 
A follow-back if not already;
Two screenshot promos upon request;
One more regular promo; and
All my love and affection forever.

Get reblogging, dolls.

Okay so wow I haven’t done one of these in over a year, but WHY THE HELL NOT. I’m having a good summer, so let’s do this! (also thank you to this little buttercup for my graphic)

  • must be following this disney princess
  • must reblog this post
  • (likes won’t disqualify you, but JUST liking won’t qualify you, ya feel?)
  • you have until July 30th at 11:59 pm EST and I’ll pick a winner by August 1st or 2nd
  • must reach 35 notes
  • no polls because this ain’t no popularity contest and you ain’t no glen coco
  • 1 winner, 2 runners up
What I'm looking for (in order of importance):
  • a nice blogger
  • with a clean, easy to navigate theme,
  • similar fandoms to mine,
  • and a can-do attitude!
  • (also a pizza)


  • A follow back from me (if not already)
  • Place on my updates tab for the month of August.
  • Promos whenever you want them for the whole month. 
  • Eternal love and favors and smooches. 

Runners up:

  • All of those things, except turn it back to only 2 promos for the month. 
  • wow I didn’t think I could actually get here, but I’m less than 50 away and I can SMELL IT
  • so you must be following me
  • and you must reblog this (to get the word out about my exciting stuff happening in my life, ya feel?)
  • and you could promo me if you want but that’s just fluff on the side
  • OBLIGATORY APRIL FOOL’S LINK (not a rick roll)
  • rates will look like this:


(short and sweet but full of love and suggestions and happiness yay!!)

Wow, okay. So you guys made it really REALLY hard for us to pick the first few people for this network. We had almost 200 fabulous people to choose from and somehow we narrowed it down to 10. We don’t know how we did it to be honest. Your enthusiasm made us SO happy! Honestly, keep it up because we’ll be picking more members eventually! (Don’t ask us when because we don’t know yet. Patience will be a virtue young pups.)

Also Connie’s photoshop is acting up so you’re stuck with one of my craptacular edits, but on the bright side it’s an actual picture of the actual dog who played actual Padfoot and his name is Berry awwwwww. (To be fair, my photoshop was playing tricks on me too which is why the words are so small and stupid, but you get the idea, right?)

Without further ado, here are the ten people we’ve chosen to help us get this party started!!!

Congratulations! If your name is on this list, please immediately do the following:

1. Send me your email address
2. Send me an icon for the members page
3. And also a short-ish description to go with it. 
4. Track #thepadfootnetwork if you haven’t already :)

If you do not do these three above things I will hound you until you do. (lol dog jokes)