thep khufan

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Okay while we’re on the subject of Villain High Band, I’ve come to the conclusion that Kuphulu is definitely part of the drumline. Like, seriously, he happens to be a VERY talented percussionist and marcher. And the other students at Summer Band Camp can’t get over he’s practically MADE for this, being Thep Khufan and all. Everybody else is burning up and then you’ve got Kuphulu who just gives ZERO fucks.

“Is that drummer even human?”

“Buddy, look at him again, remember that we’re on a space station, and think about what you just said. OBVIOUSLY he isn’t human!”

Oh, and did I mention that Kuphulu actually really likes wearing his marching uniform? He thinks it looks amazing on him, and it really kind of does.

Also, just imagine Villain High Band Camp in general. Like, holy shit.