Questions asked of me at Oxford //
  • If Jesus only died for people He chose, how is that loving the whole world?
  • If God is a good God, why is there suffering? Who created suffering? Why does He allow it if He has the power to stop it?
  • How can a loving God send people to hell?
  • If Jesus was the only good man to ever live, yet God punished Him anyway, does that not undermine the justice of God?
  • Why does hell have to be eternal punishment?
  • If God can do anything, why couldn’t He choose to simply forgive sin?
  • If love for God is enabled only by the Spirit, why doesn’t He enable us all to love Him and have life to the full?
  • Why would God create people He knew would never choose Him, or He would never choose, to be cast into hell forever?
  • Why does God demand propitiation and the shedding of blood?
  • Why do Christians claim unity and yet have so much conflict between different denominations?
  • The witnesses who saw Jesus rise from the dead were recorded in the gospels, but they were written decades after the actual event. How do we know they are accurate and haven’t been changed over time?
  • How do you know you’ve actually encountered or experienced God when you’ve never physically heard or felt Him?
  • If Jesus is all about love, then how can He forbid love between two individuals of the same sex?
  • How can I believe in God when there is no imperial, scientific evidence for Him?
  • History is such an obvious movement away from religion and Christianity - how can you say Jesus is still relevant in the world we live in today?